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    What Happened At The End Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

    The Big Bang Theory‘, by Chuck Lorre and Bill Parady, stars Jim Parsons, Jony Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco along with Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg. After an increased reception, the creators introduced Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon’s love interest, and Melissa Rauch as Benerdeatte, Howard’s partner. ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ won seven Emmy Awards and Parsons won the Gloden Globe Award for Best Actor in Television Comedy series in 2011. In 2017, ‘Young Seldon‘, the prequel series of the show based on Parsons’s character, Sheldon released.

    Two socially awkward and geeky Caltech physicists Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, live across the hall from a beautiful waitress and an aspiring actress, Penny. Along with Leanord and Sheldon are their two geeky co-workers and friends Rajesh Koothraoali and Howard Wolowitz. The guy’s social phobia and high IQ are comically contrasted with Penny’s social skills and street smartness. Every character in the series undergoes personal growth, overcomes their hurdles, and stands up to their bullies. The show also played reserved gender roles on the characters,

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    How Does ‘The Big Bang Theory’ End?

    The Big Bang Theory
    The Big Bang Theory

    The creators announced that the show will end with season 12 making “Stockholm Syndrome” the finale episode. Surprisingly the show did not cancel, instead, it was planning for seasons 13 and 14. Jim Parsons refuses to renew his contract announcing his exit from the show. Naturally, the show could not move forward without Sheldon’s quirkiness, thus concluding to wrap up with season 12.

    Season 12 wrapped all the loose ends in its finale episode, making it the perfect end any sitcom can have. By the end of season 12, all the characters find their path and move on with their journey. Sheldon and Amy win a joint Nobel Price for their work, and Penny and Leanord are expecting their first child. Howard and Bernadette adjust to their new parenting roles and Raj still looks out for the one. The Nobel medal acceptance speech by Sheldon really shows how much he matured and improved his social ability, leaving the fans in tears.

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    Can ‘Young Sheldon’ Carry ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ Legacy?

    Young Sheldon‘ is the series spin-off of ‘Big Bang Theory‘, an idea proposed by Jim Parsons. ‘Young Sheldon‘ provides a window into Sheldon’s childhood till his adolescents and the involvement of his family members. The character dynamics are maintained throughout both series. Sheldon’s, mother Mary is shown as judgmental and a sincere church devotee, His sister, Missy although shown as brighter and intelligent never makes it out of Texas. Georgie and Sheldon share a sour relationship even in Young Sheldon, which clearly explains his presence in ‘The Big Bang Theory‘. George. Sr straight up dies while his kids are still a teenager.

    The Big Bang Theory‘ introduces us to the Sheldon family and ‘Young Sheldon‘ builds up the character’s persona, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of the Cooper family. In terms of style and tone, ‘Young Sheldon‘ is a more dramatic single-camera series, while The Big Bang Theory was a lighter, multi-camera hang-out show with a sillier sense of humor.

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