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    Why Did ‘The Big Bang Theory’ End After Season 12?

    The Big Bang Theory‘ is an immensely popular American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Parady that dropped the final episode on May 16, 2019.  It received mixed reviews throughout its first season, but the reception was more favorable in the later seasons. It was nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series from 2011 to 2014 and Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon Cooper, won the Emmys for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series four times.

    The show is about two socially awkward Caltech geniuses, one an experimental physicist, Leonard Hofstadter, and a theoretical physicist, Sheldon, who live across the hall from an aspiring actress Penny. Leonard and Sheldon’s geekiness and intellect are contrasted for comic effect with Penny’s social skills and common sense. An aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz and a particle astrophysicist, Rajesh Koothrappali, are their equally nerdy and socially awkward co-workers and friends. But despite its huge fanbase, why did ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ come to an end?

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    Why And How Did ‘The Big Bang Theory’ End?

    Surprisingly, ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ was never canceled. With increased viewership and a huge fan following, the audience was expecting a few more seasons of the show. In August 2018 the viewers were disappointed when the producers announced that the show’s upcoming season would be its last. This decision was locked down when Jim Parsons refused to renew his $50 million contract for seasons 13 and 14. Even though he loved embodying Sheldon Cooper, eventually he grew exhausted and fearful of what life had to offer him beyond the sitcom. Of course, without Sheldon, there would be no ‘The Big Bang Theory‘, which forced the show to end earlier than planned.

    Regardless, ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ season 12 delivered on its promise of tying up loose ends while establishing a fulfilling life ahead for its beloved characters. Sheldon and Amy win the Nobel Prize, while Leonard and Penny are expecting their first child. Howard and Bernadette successfully adjust to parenting, while Raj continues his search for true love. The characters’ future lives are also hinted at in ‘Young Sheldon‘, the prequel of ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

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    Young Sheldon’: Prequel Of ‘The Big Bang Theory

    Young Sheldon‘ is a spin-off series of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘, which solely focuses on Sheldon’s childhood and life before Caltech. It provides a backstory of Sheldon’s life and even answers questions like “My mother had me tested”. ‘Young Sheldon‘ has completed season five and is locked down for two more seasons. It debuted in 2017 following an idea Jim Parsons ran past the producers of ‘The Bing Bang Theory‘ which became approved after a special preview episode received overwhelmingly positive audience feedback.

    Young Sheldon‘ often tries to be a fun, silly series about a nostalgic Sheldon looking back on his adolescent life and the episodes of his dysfunctional family. However, according to The Big Bang Theory‘, Georgie is fated to hate his brother for years, Mary returns to the church and her bitter judgmental ways, Missy never makes it out of Texas, and George Sr straight up dies while he is still young and his youngest children are barely teenagers. This series of events make Young Sheldon‘ inadvertently dark, as viewers know the sad fates written for the beloved characters.

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