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10 Best TV Shows From Friends To Big Bang Theory

Sitcoms are the best television shows that one can find and watch. They can make you feel different emotions in just a single season. And the way people get attached to these sitcoms is beyond understanding. But finding the best sitcoms is difficult as there are many of them. So, today, We bring to you the top ten best television (TV) shows ranging all the way from Friends to Big Bang Theory.

Top TV Shows To Watch

How I Met Your Mother

This show is often compared to Friends. Though the name says otherwise, it is about a few friends. They include three boys and two women, and they also live in New York.


It is one of the most famous sitcoms of all time. The way it presents friendship is unmatched. No other sitcom has ever been made that is said to be a better option over Friends in the same genre. 

Big Bang Theory

It is one of the best shows that anyone can find if they want to watch comedy as well as science. It revolves around four friends, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj. And a girl named Penny.

Young Sheldon

Often, people don’t get enough from a single sitcom. And they want to watch more and know more about the characters of the TV show. And thus, Young Sheldon came in place. It is about Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.

The Office

It is like no other TV show. And the way it touches the whole plot is unbelievable. This show is about employees of Dunder Mifflin, and it’s boss Michael Scott. It has comedy, and one of the best cast, romance, and whatnot. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

No doubt after watching this show, everyone will fall in love with the word Nine-Nine. It is about a squad of police officers and portrays the best comedy scenes, workplace drama, friendship, and romance. 

Star Trek

If we are talking about television shows, it is one of the classics. Especially, people who have watched Big Bang Theory can relate to it. And the way it tells about science is unmatched. Also, their characters are one of the best in comparison to different television shows. 

Silicon Valley

This show, as the name suggests, may feel like for science geeks and entrepreneurs only. But it is not. It has different scenes that only a businessman or a person from a science background can understand. But it is also one of the best shows if one has to watch. It is that good that people can get goosebumps from the twists it shows. 

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This is the longest sitcom in the history of America, and it is still going on. In total, it has 15 seasons yet, and the number of episodes is 154. People love this show like no other. 


This show is like no other, but it is also about a group of friends in New York. Many people can relate to it with Friends. But it came way back. 

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