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    “It Was A Real Treat”: Jim Parsons Reflects On Reprising His Role As Sheldon Cooper In ‘Young Sheldon’ Finale

    The end of ‘Young Sheldon‘ after an impressive run of 7 seasons will mark the end of an era. The sequel to the iconic sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ was a hit with many fans hitched to the storyline showing the childhood and adolescence of the main character Sheldon Cooper.

    While the end of the show is a bittersweet moment for both the cast members and the viewers of the show, the finale is something many are looking forward to. Set to air on May 16, the last episode of the show will also feature Jim Parsons, who played the iconic role of Sheldon Cooper in the original show. Here’s what Parsons thinks about reprising his role.

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    Jim Parsons Opens Up About His Reprisal As Sheldon Cooper in ‘Young Sheldon’

    Jim Parsons in 'The Big bang Theory'
    Jim Parsons in ‘The Big bang Theory’

    Jim Parsons’s return as Sheldon Cooper for the ‘Young Sheldon’ finale is suddenly a pleasant surprise for the fans of the show. Based on ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ character Sheldon Cooper’s earlier years, ‘Young Sheldon‘ is set to conclude seven seasons. To give a fitting end to the show, Parsons will reprise his role on the show one last time.

    While the actor earlier said the experience of playing Sheldon Cooper was a bit weird for him, he has now stated that it has been a meaningful experience for the actor. Though his initial hesitancy made him doubtful about revisiting the character, Parsons said the way the finale was written culminated in a beautiful and fitting end to Sheldon’s character.

    Parsons, who is also an executive producer and the narrator for ‘Young Sheldon, said, “I felt a slight hesitancy when they first asked, just as I thought, I don’t really want to go revisit the character.”

    But the way that they wrote it in was I thought so beautiful that it ended up being like this little extra coda or whatever to my experience with the character,” he added while speaking to People.  “It was this gift of a second layer of losing it out in a way that I had never seen coming, and it was a real treat,” he added.

    Mayim Bialik, who played Amy Farah Fowler on ‘The Big Bang Theory‘, was also featured in the last episode alongside Parsons.

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    Jim Parsons Praises Iain Armitage For His Work And Smartness

    Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage
    Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage

    Jim Parsons was also asked if he has any advice for Iain Armitage who played the role of a younger version of his character Sheldon Cooper. In response, Parsons expressed admiration for Armitage, praising his intelligence.

    Speaking of Armitage, who has been playing the role since he was 9, Parsons said, “It’s such a different experience for him, and he’s so smart. He doesn’t need any. He’s got good guidance. He and his mother, they’re just fantastic.”

    So, he’ll be fine. God knows what he’ll do,” Parsons said, adding, “He could do anything.”

    Meanwhile, Armitage himself said he plans on exploring diverse roles that are different than Sheldon’s. For now, fans can catch both Armitage and Parsons in the finale of ‘Young Sheldon‘ on May 16.

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