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    Fans Are Slamming ‘Young Sheldon’ Season 7 For An Apparent Injustice To Sheldon Cooper’s Character

    Young Sheldon‘, the prequel of the popular sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory‘, is ending after an impressive run of 7 seasons. However, the show has been facing scrutiny for one peculiar decision that the creators have seemingly misjudged to be a good one. Though the initial seasons of the show rightly kept the focus on its lead character, Sheldon Cooper, it eventually dwindled. And fans aren’t quite happy about it.

    Season 7 of ‘Young Sheldon‘ particularly finds itself under scrutiny for sidelining the titular character from key family arcs and story narratives. The show initially aimed to delve into the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, the lead character from ‘The Big Bang Theory‘. It also had a solid ground to expand the show as Cooper often refers to his childhood anecdotes in the original series created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady.

    The idea of ‘Young Sheldon‘ took off quite well under the guidance of the same creators. Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper’s character on the original show, narrated the series, which worked like a charm for the show’s fans. The 2017 debut of the show therefore left an impressive mark on the sitcom, though many were skeptical about  prequel to an already well-celebrated show.

    However, as ‘Young Sheldon‘ progressed into its seventh season, fans noticed a significant shift in focus. With ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ concluding in 2019, ‘Young Sheldon‘ seemingly let go of the pressure to maintain the storytelling ties between the two series. As Sheldon started his college journey, the show transitioned into a family comedy-drama and the focus on his character was significantly taken off.

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    Shift Of Focus From Sheldon Cooper’s Character In ‘Young Sheldon’ Is Irking Fans

    Still from 'Young Sheldon'
    Still from ‘Young Sheldon’

    While the Coopers continued to navigate a whirlwind of family events, Sheldon’s presence noticeably diminished. Even in important moments like Georgie and Mandy’s wedding, Sheldon’s involvement was uncertain. His relevance within the narrative was majorly challenged despite the show being named after him, and in essence, focused on his life for most part of it.

    This shift became glaringly apparent in season 7. In fact, in episode 6 of the show, the creators seem to have unknowingly given away one of their own mistakes with an ironic dialogue that Sheldon’s character delivered. When asked to leave the room at one point, the boy genius responds with his iconic humor, “Just pretend we’re not here. As I’m doing with you.” This is exactly what his family has been doing all this while on the show — pretending he isn’t there.

    While some may argue that the focus on other Cooper family members adds depth to the narrative, some other fans deem it crucial for the show to strike a balance that honors his character. The focus on his family members may also make sense because of the upcoming spin-off of the show, ‘Georgie and Mandy, but fans clearly want Sheldon in focus.

    As ‘Young Sheldon‘ navigates its final seasons, fans are curious to see whether or not the focus comes back to Sheldon Cooper’s character by the season’s end. The show’s finale is set to premiere on May 16, and will also cast Jim Parsons as adult Sheldon in a special guest appearance.

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