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    “Never Say Never”: Jims Parsons’ Unbelievable Idea For ‘Big Bang Theory’ Sequel Involves Reincarnation

    If you’re wondering if Jim Parsons will make a comeback as Sheldon Cooper in a ‘Big Bang Theory’ sequel, don’t lose hope because the actor has a few ideas up his sleeve for ways how he can return to his iconic role.

    Parsons, who is most known for his role as Sheldon Cooper, the theoretical physicist who is bright, socially challenged, and tops the list for fictional characters who are big nerds, sat down for a discussion recently where he opened up about future prospects of the series. Here’s everything he said.

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    Jim Parsons Talks About ‘Big Bang Theory’ Sequel

    Iain Armitage and Jim Parson
    Iain Armitage and Jim Parson

    In a conversation with E! News, Jim Parsons was asked about how, if it happens, Sheldon Cooper will return to the show as his character, and the actor had an interesting answer as he said it would only happen through “reincarnation” in the “next lifetime”.

    “Look, never say never to anything,” he added. “Life is long, God willing. But I don’t think so.” The actor also opened up on being a part of Young Sheldon‘s episode, calling it “very, very special.”

    “The feeling today is kind of odd, you know? It’s the second time now, because when we ended The Big Bang Theory, it felt like this, too. A little bit different,” he added. “You shoot that final episode and it’s wrapped for you, and then a couple of months later, it wraps for the rest of the world and it’s a very weird feeling to flood over you again like that.”

    Though the makers have more ideas to continue with the franchise, it might be last we’re seeing of Parsons in the role. As for other projects, here’s what the makers have been cooking up for fans of the franchise.

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    What’s Next For ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Universe?

    Still from 'Big Bang Theory'
    Still from ‘Big Bang Theory’

    Owing to the massive success of ‘Big Bang Theory’, CBS introduced its spinoff Young Sheldonthat focused on the show’s most popular character, Sheldon Cooper’s life. The show went on for seven seasons and as it nears its end, the creators have another spin-off in mind for fans who can’t seem to get enough of the Cooper family.

    According to Variety, CBS and Warner Bros. TV are nearing an agreement for CBS to commission a Young Sheldon spin-off with a central focus on Georgie and Mandy and their life after Young Sheldon. Together with Steve Holland, Steven Molaro, and Chuck Lorre, the producers of Young Sheldon, Montana Jordan, and Emily Osment are in talks to return to their respective roles.

    The focus of the show would be Georgie and Mandy’s early parenting years. In Young Sheldon Season 5, Georgie is 17 and Mandy is 29 when they start dating. Both of them start dating soon after and welcome a child together. Throughout the show, the couple became two of the most loved characters of the show and a spin-off on them would definitely be interesting.

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