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    “We’ll See What The Universe Says”: Kunal Nayyar Feels It’s ‘Too Soon’ To Reprise His ‘Big Bang Theory’ Role In New Spinoff 

    Over the run of 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theoryconveyed that being a science geek is anything but boring. From Sheldon’s peculiar persona, awkward Leonard finding a gorgeous woman, and Raj’s desperate attempt to find a soulmate, to Penny’s growth from a hopeful actress to a career woman and expecting mother, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ was one tremendous rollercoaster ride.

    In April 2023, the creators of the show announced a spinoff for the series on the Max streaming service. The new spin-off would be helmed by Chuck Lorre, the producer of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Despite the plot being kept under wraps, Lorre recently expressed the lack of possibility of the spin-off to move forward.   

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    Kunal Nayyar Seems Skeptical About Reprising His ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Role

    Kunal Nayyar as Raj
    Kunal Nayyar as Raj

    In a recent interview on TV Line, Kunal Nayyar spilled the beans about reprising his role as Raj Koothrappali for the potential ‘Big Bang Theory’ spin-off. When asked about the new project, the actor had nothing much to reveal. On whether he is interested in reprising his role, Nayyar said, “too soon”. The actor also added, “To be honest, I have not heard anything about this other than what the media has spun out. I’m not entirely sure what it’s about.”

    Nayyar also shared mixed feelings about the spin-off as the series ended only in 2019. He said, “To be honest, it feels a little too soon. Can you do a revival only four years after your show ends? That’s not a reunion show; that’s just another season. If the spinoff were to happen, we’ll see what the universe says.”

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    Kunal Nayyar And Melissa Rauch Reunite For ‘Night Court’

    Kunal Nayyar And Melissa Rauch in Night Court
    Kunal Nayyar And Melissa Rauch in Night Court

    ‘Night Court’ Season Two marks the first time that two major cast members from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ have reunited. And, it looks like Raj’s dream of being with Bernadette will finally come true in Melissa Rauch’s series.

    However, during the show’s Christmas special, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who appeared in the final season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, made a guest appearance. Rauch recently addressed how excited she was to reconnect with him after ‘The Big Bang Theory’ without revealing the cameo of Kunal Nayyar.

    The actor plays Martini Toddwallis, a famous fashion designer facing a bad case of designer’s block, becoming Abby’s (Rauch’s character) new love interest.

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