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    ‘The Big Bang Theory’: 5 Reasons Why Penny And Leonard Were Toxic And 5 Reasons Why Their Relationship Was Perfect

    The 12 seasons of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ entertained the geeks with String theory and comic references. The fans laughed at Sheldon’s geekiness and cried during his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. Amidst all the science, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ also delivered friendship and love. From Sheldon and Amy’s agreement-based relationship to watching Howard and Bernadette become parents and Raj finally being able to speak to women, the series gave away a lot of goofy romances and good laughs.

    However, out of all the couples, Leonard and Penny’s romance felt at the center of the show. From neighbors to friends to lovers, the fans witnessed their relationship go through every stage of ups and downs. Despite popular opinion, the couple was extremely toxic to each other. Here are five reasons why Leonard and Penny were not right as a couple and five reasons they belong together.

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    Why Leonard And Penny Were Not Right For Each Other

    1. Leonard And Penny Had Nothing In Common

    Leonard And Penny
    Leonard And Penny

    They say opposites attract, but Penny and Leonard are polar opposites. Although Penny tries hard to fit into Leonard’s world, the same never seems to be reciprocated. Penny is a farm-raised girl who longed to become a star and loves football and beer. Leonard, on the other hand, is a sensitive man who grew up with a grueling mother and spends most of his days working on experiments with little confidence.

    As a couple, their differences make them insecure in themselves and their relationship. Leonard tries to be the manly man Penny always dated, while Penny is insecure about her lack of education and feels judged by Leonard and his family.

    2. Penny Compared Leonard To Her Exes

    Penny compared Leonard to her exes
    Penny compared Leonard to her exes

    Penny’s exes always made it to the dinner table conversations even after being married to Leonard. Not just Penny, but everyone else compares Leonard to her exes. Sheldon always brings up model-like men seen leaving Penny’s apartment.

    Raj also called Leonard “wheezy” in comparison to Zack. Although at times Leonard is offended by these comments he also brags about dating Penny, who is clearly out of his league.

    3. The Relationship Was Highly Unstable

    Leonard And Penny
    Leonard And Penny

    Penny and Leonard were the Ross and Rachel of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. One of the recurring plots of the series was their inconsistent relationship. While the show tried making this topic hilarious, it turned out to be quite sad. These two never seem to be on the same page.

    They started as friends but their biggest problem was a lack of open communication and honesty, forcing them to break up out of sheer panic.

    4. Leonard Was Unfaithful To Penny

    Leonard Was Unfaithful To Penny
    Leonard Was Unfaithful To Penny

    Out of all the people, Leonard cheated on Penny, this plot left many fans shattered. Many expected it to be the other way around, but it was sick to watch Leonard treat Penny this way. He constantly nagged Penny about being friends with her exes and when she hung out with attractive men, but not once she was unfaithful to him.

    However, Leonard turns out to be a hypocrite when he breaks Penny’s trust and admits making out with a girl while away at sea. Leonard’s lack of confidence almost wrecked his relationship with Penny.

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    5. Penny Settled For Leonard

    Penny Settled For Leonard
    Penny Settled For Leonard

    Out of all odds, even surpassing Amy and Sheldon, Penny and Leonard seemed to be an unsettling couple. Other than insecurities and the need to be loved, the pair had nothing in common. However as the series went on, Penny evolved and her character settled for a needy, geek neighbor, who was initially ashamed of her because of her educational status and constantly put her down in front of their friends.

    For Leonard, it was pure luck, because where else would he find such a beautiful woman? Also, Lenny was condescending and his insecurities were displayed as superior behavior towards Penny.

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    How Leonard And Penny’s Imperfect Relationship Set Couple Goals

    1. Their Family Approved Of The Relationship

    Their Family Approved Of The Relationship
    Their Family Approved Of The Relationship

    Leonard’s mother is hard to win over. She always criticized Leonard and was emotionally unavailable to him. She wasn’t the best mom to Leonard, and he knew she would never approve of Penny as a daughter-in-law. But after a few shots of alcohol and an open conversation, these two got along.

    The fact that Beverly liked Penny was a surprise. And on the other hand, Penny’s dad was delighted that Penny was finally dating someone with a brain.

    2. They Broke The Contemporary Notion

    They Broke The Contemporary Notion
    They Broke The Contemporary Notion

    ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is the sole motivation for geeks out there not to give up hope. Although not everyone can get as lucky as Leonard, there is always hope as Sheldon. They truly defied all the odds.

    Their relationship made it clear that gorgeous women can date geeky men and socially insecure men can land on the girl out of the league. However, the stereotype had been broken.

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    3. Penny Understood The Roommate Agreement

    Penny Understood The Roommate Agreement
    Penny Understood The Roommate Agreement

    Sheldon is not an easy person to love, even though Leonard signed up for it, Penny somewhere learned to adjust to Sheldon.

    It is satisfying to witness the evolution of Sheldon and Penny’s friendship. Sheldon trusts Penny and considers her a friend. For Leonard, having his girlfriend also be friends with his roommate makes everyone’s lives easier.

    4. Friendship Is The Foundation Of Their Relationship

    Friendship Is The Foundation of Their Relationship
    Leonard and Penny are good friends

    Leonard always had a crush on Penny and loved her from afar — even when he was in different relationships, but it’s their friendship that made them get as far as they did.

    Being friends for years made them more comfortable with each other. To be frank, one could even say that their friendship was sort of a practice round for their romantic relationship. 

    5. They Helped Each Other Grow

    They Helped Each Other Grow
    The couple cheered each other on

    The only good that came out of their relationship was how much they helped each other mutually. Stuart mentioned that Leonard and Penny were the best couple he knew. He drew attention to how Leonard made Penny think more deeply about the world and Penny gave Leonard the security he was always looking for.

    Penny always dated men who were conventionally good-looking on the outside but lacked intelligence. Dating Leonard made her realize there’s more to the world than only beauty. Likewise, dating a woman like Penny gave Leonard the confidence he never had and the realization that life isn’t always about work accomplishments.

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