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    ‘The Big Bang Theory’: Did Sheldon Cooper Have A Personality Disorder?

    Sheldon Cooper, portrayed by Jim Parsons in the highest-rated show ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ is a very complex person. He is brilliant, intelligent, and passionate only about physics, comic books, and Stephen Hawkings. Sheldon works with Leonard, his roommate, and is often visited by his co-workers and friends, Rajesh Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz.

    Born in Texas, Sheldon did not have an easy childhood due to his quirks and high IQ. He is not everyone’s favorite because of his ego-centric and arrogant behavior. He believes that he is intellectually superior to his friends, which gives him the green light to make fun of them. Unlike his friends, Sheldon fails to express himself emotionally and often misses any hits on sarcasm. Despite being intellectually superior, he also possesses childlike traits like being stubborn, seeking attention when sick, and being continuously driven around by his friends. Does any disorder explain his personality?

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    Did Sheldon Cooper Have A Personality Disorder?

    Sheldon Cooper’s quirks and stubbornness made everyone laugh and fall in love with him, but when his character is further dissected, it reveals that he suffers from personality disorders. Throughout the show, his obsessive knocking, his eidetic memory, and his inability to comprehend social situations are simply labeled as quirkiness, but it is serious to address it, now even more when mental health awareness is on everyone’s lips.

    Asperger Syndrome

    Sheldon has a high IQ of 187 and therefore, is considered a genius. However, when broken down into molecular senses, the usual use of language and clumsiness in terms of physicality, are the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome. It is a part of Autism Spectrum Disorder, which conducts issues with social interaction. The Asperger Syndrome exhibited in Sheldon is the milder one. Additionally, Sheldon also faces difficulties adjusting to new routines, new restaurants, or new schedules, adding to the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    “Penny, Penny, Penny” – it is impossible not to laugh at this peculiar routine of Sheldon when he knocks thrice on Penny’s door. Well, this comic action has a deep-seated trauma that was revealed in a much later part of the series, ‘The Big Bang Theory‘. Sheldon explains to Penny, that he walked in with his dad cheating on his mother, and since then he developed a habit of knocking thrice. A habit once has become a disorder now. Sheldon’s obsessive nature also sprouted him into a germophobe. His consistent urge to purell his hand, and avoiding any physical contact are some of the primary symptoms of germophobia.

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    Was Sheldon Ever Diagnosed For A Psychological Disorder?

    I am not crazy, my mother had me tested“, is the response Sheldon gives to justify his narcissistic personality. Later in the series his mother, Mary confesses that she regrets not taking Sheldon for further therapy or recommending doctors. These subtle hints throw light on various personality disorders Sheldon suffers from. Anyone suffering from a mental disorder is termed to be crazy, and that is exactly why Sheldon clears that he is not crazy, his mother had him tested.

    Narcissistic Personality, as well as other habits and traits that are evident of other personality disorders. Sheldon has a very demanding personality, he always speaks his mind, and his odd behavior tends to put him in a separate place from his friends. He often hurts other people’s feelings without even realizing he has said anything wrong.

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