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    ‘The Office’ Reboot Gets ‘The Paper’ Title: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Show

    Making a remake of an iconic show can be a very daunting task. This time we will get to get lost in the corporate world of Dunder Mifflin once again as a remake of the franchise has been decided upon. However, the remake will reportedly have a different name. The Office remake is reportedly titled ‘The Paper’. 

    Nothing much has been revealed. Viewers are pretty excited for the remake. Peacock will be the streaming platform that has signed up to launch the remake series. Who will be in it? What is the storyline? When can we expect to see the remake? Let’s take a look at all these questions. 

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    The Office’ Remake On Peacock Will Be ‘The Paper’

    We all want to go back to the Dunder Mifflin office with Michael Scott and company. Well, maybe not Dakota Johnson as she hated her cameo in the finale. ‘The Office’ had been one of the most loved mockumentary series even after 10 years of the end of the show. Now, Peacock has decided to bring the remake to viewers on their streaming platform. Since the remake has shifted to a traditional newspaper office, the title shift was inevitable. 

    The new title can be found on the Writer’s Guild of America page for Greg Daniels. Daniels co-created the show with Michael Koman. The listing reveals that previously the sequel was “Daniels & Koman Untitled Project.” Although it must be kept in mind that this has not been announced officially by NBC or Peacock. So it might undergo changes in the future. 

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    What Will Be The Plot Of ‘The Paper’? 

    The Office
    The Office

    Not much has been revealed about the Peacock series yet. However, the premise of ‘The Paper’ has been revealed. ‘The Office’ focused on the employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s Scranton branch as a documentary crew documented their everyday lives. 

    Following along the same lines, ‘The Paper’ also looks into the lives of a historic Midwestern newspaper agency that is dying. We can expect to see the same concept of a mockumentary as the documentary crew now has chosen this institute as their subject. The crew documents the journey of the people there as the publisher tries to revive the place with volunteer reporters.

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