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    “It Looked Like I Was Putting A Body In A Car”: John Krasinski Confesses He Stole An Item From ‘The Office’ Set And Then Denied It

    John Krasinski may have made it big in Hollywood both as an actor and now a director, but most of his fans still remember him as Jim Halpert from the iconic sitcom ‘The Office‘. It’s been decades since the show ended but its cast has somehow managed to retain the charm as well as the bonding they shared amongst themselves after all these years.

    Recalling an incident from the set of ‘The Office‘ on its bittersweet t day of filming, John Krasinski has come clean about stealing something from the set and even denying having stolen it. Here’s what the actor-director said about the rather interesting incident.

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    Here’s What John Krasinski Stole From ‘The Office’ Set

    Still from 'The Office'
    Still from ‘The Office’

    Known for his role as Jim, John Krasinski recently appeared on his co-actors Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s rewatch podcast ‘Office Ladies‘. The trio talked for hours reminiscing about their days on NBC’s Emmy-winning comedy series.

    During the conversation, Krasinski recalled his last day on the show when creator Greg Daniels, whom he called an “evil genius,” took the cast to film a scene at the cast’s beloved dive bar, Poor Richard’s. After several takes, Krasinski remembered walking out of the set for the last time and seeing the entire crew gathered together.

    I’m choking up just talking about it,” Krasinski said during the podcast conversation. “When you come back in and see your TV dad and all of your family waiting there and clapping, and [Greg] said, ‘That’s the end of The Office,’ I think the color black came out of my mouth. It was just the scariest, most beautiful, horrific moment of my life,” the actor added.

    However, soon after this emotional farewell, Krasinski revealed he took the Dunder Mifflin company sign along with him and never gave it back. “I’ve always lied to Greg that I didn’t take it, but I did. I stole it,” he confessed on the show.

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    John Krasinski Recalls Denying That He Stole The Dunder Mifflin Sign When Confronted About It

    Still from 'The Office'
    Still from ‘The Office’

    The podcast host Angela Kinsey, who played the character Angela on the show, also recalled seeing Krasinski hiding the sign in the back of his car after his confession. The actress called it “one of her favorite memories” from the final day of filming of ‘The Office‘.

    I was like, don’t look over here!” Krasinski remembered. “It wasn’t quite dark enough, so it just looked like I was putting a body in a car,” he said.

    Krasinski then revealed that Daniels later confronted him at ‘The Office‘ wrap party about stealing the sign. In response, Krasinski feigned ignorance. “He goes, ‘Aw, that was the one thing I wanted,’” the actor recalled telling him during the party.

    Kinsey also admitted that though she knew he had stolen the sign, she “never told anyone” about it. “Well, now you did. You told everyone. And I was dressed like a cat burglar,” Krasinski joked in response.

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