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    “I Will Be Watching But I Will Not Be Showing Up”: Steve Carell And John Krasinski Open Up About Their Appearance In ‘The Office’ Reboot

    Steve Carell is still deeply loved as the iconic character Michael Scott from ‘The Office, even decades after the show concluded. While the fans of the show have waited for an eternity to get a reboot or a spin-off of the iconic sitcom, rumors of something of the sort in the works are rife.

    Amid the buzz around the upcoming follow-up series to the hit show, Steve Carell opened up about his role in it during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere of his new film ‘IF’. What he said may not be the best news for his fans, but it is still a ray of hope for the admirers of ‘The Office‘.

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    Steve Carell Confirms He Won’t Be A Part Of The Upcoming Spin-Off Of ‘The Office’

    Steve Carell in 'The Office'
    Steve Carell in ‘The Office’

    While Steve Carell may have reunited with his ‘The Office‘ co-star John Krasinski for their latest film ‘IF‘, fans should not expect the duo to mark a presence in the upcoming reboot of ‘The Office‘, as indicated by Carell himself.

    Asked about the film on the red carpet of the premiere event of ‘IF‘, Carell responded with his trademark charm. “I will be watching but I will not be showing up. It’s just a new thing and there’s really no reason for my character (Michael Scott) to show up in something like that,” he said.

    However, he admitted being excited about the project and also feeling like it is “a great conceit”. “I love the idea — I guess it’s set in a failing newspaper company, and I worked with Domhnall Gleeson, who is one of the leads; I did The Patient with him and he’s an excellent actor and a super nice guy so I think it’ll be great,” the actor added.

    Meanwhile, John Krasinski has not entirely ruled out the potential to reprise his role as Jim Halpert in the recently announced spin-off

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    Steve Carell Said He “Jumped At The Chance Of Working” With John Krasinski In ‘IF’

    Steve Carell's Michael Scott
    Steve Carell’s Michael Scott

    The new ‘The Office‘ series will be co-created by Greg Daniels and Michael Koman. Fans are excited about the project as it promises to transport them back into the quirky universe of Dunder Mifflin. The story narrative of the show will take a different turn, with the story set against the backdrop of a dying historic Midwestern newspaper.

    The show’s reboot will introduce audiences to a fresh ensemble cast with Gleeson and Sabrina Impacciatore leading the troop, but all under the watchful eye of the same documentary crew that made Scranton’s favorite paper company immemorable.

    Though Carell won’t grace the screen in the upcoming series, fans can still enjoy his mini-reunion with co-star John Krasinski on ‘IF’. Other than being at the helm of the Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively starring film, Krasinski has also directed some episodes of ‘The Office‘. With Krasinski in the director and writer’s seat, Carell lends his voice to the lead character, Blue the Imaginary Friend in the film.

    Speaking about this venture with Krasinski together, Carell said, “It was just a joy from beginning to end and I jumped at the chance to work with him again, partly just to be with him. He’s a good friend and I hadn’t seen him in a while so it was nice to catch up.”

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