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    ‘The Office’ Cast Members Reunite For A Quirky Commercial

    The iconic characters from ‘The Officeare back with a start-up of their own seemingly behind their boss’s back. Six of the show’s characters surprised their fans with a quirky reunion in an advertisement for promoting AT&T Business Next Level Network. The ad is reminiscent of the iconic workplace sitcom, the characters of which may have grown older, but the unmistakable comedic chemistry has clearly persisted.

    The AT&T commercial — featuring Rainn Wilson, Craig Robinson, Jenna Fischer, Kate Flannery, Brian Baumgartner, and Creed Bratton — has all the characters playing exaggerated versions of themselves as compared to the show.

    The commercial kicks off with Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute on the show, exuding his signature confidence as he launches a small business venture named ‘Sleep With Rain’ in the ad. His product is seemingly aimed at helping customers achieve a peaceful night’s sleep. “For years, my voice has been putting people to sleep – my mom, my wife, my therapist – so I decided to cash in,” Wilson says as he sets the tone for the playful commercial.

    The faux product in the ad is a custom pillow embedded with two speakers that play audio of Wilson himself narrating sleep meditations. As the commercial moves forward, Robinson aka Darryl Philbin from ‘The Office‘, and Fischer aka ‘Pam Beesley‘, enter the scene.

    With balloons in hand, Fischer exclaims, “Happy launch day!” while Robinson asks, “Rainn-bow, ready for launch?”

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    ‘The Office’ Reunion Commercial Meets A Comic End As Rainn Wilson Has The Last Word

    Rainn Wilson
    Rainn Wilson

    Baumgartner who plays accountant Kevin Malone on the show, is introduced as the head of product. Next enters Flannery, shown as “the fixer,” drawing parallels to her role as Meredith Palmer. “I don’t care about the pillow. I’m just here for the internets,” she says with her typical attitude.

    Robinson then reveals his clever “cybersecurity” after locking all the employees out of the office’s most crucial room. As soon as they realize they have been trapped, the team makes a series of attempts to regain access but in vain.

    Their efforts only worsen the situation by causing a power outage in the room. Someone shouts, “Who turned the lights off?” only for Bratton to reveal that he had been inside the locked room the entire time.

    The ad wraps up with the six former cast members getting exhausted as they rest on the company’s pillows. Some of them are on the brink of falling asleep as Wilson declares, “Soon the whole world will be sleeping with Rainn.

    The Office’ is a beloved sitcom that ran for nine seasons on NBC between 2005 and 2013. There have been rumors about a potential revival of the show, while co-creator Greg Daniels has not indicated any concrete plans.

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