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    “We May Make It A More Intimate Story”: NBC Universal Chief Donna Langley Talks Future Of ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise After Its Last Film

    As fans get ready for the eleventh addition to the Fast & Furious’ film series, NBC Universal Studios Chief Donna Langley has a few insights on what might be coming for the franchise after the last part of the film franchise.

    Despite its enormous popularity, the studio wants to make changes to the franchise. Donna Langley hinted that the franchise might decrease its stakes following ‘Fast 11′ in an interview with Variety. Here’s everything she said.

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    Fast & Furious’ 12 May Return Franchise To Its LA Roots

    Poster for 'Fast and Furious 11'
    Poster for ‘Fast and Furious 11’

    The ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise might return to its origins in ‘Fast & Furious 12‘, as the studios suggest. Launched in 2001, the franchise has produced a large number of films in the two decades that followed, including the spin-off ‘Hobbs & Shaw‘. Though there are a number of stand-alone projects planned, the ‘Fast X’ sequel—which will be the eleventh major film—is the most awaited as fans ready up for what’s in store for the next film.

    NBC Universal Studio Group Chairman and Chief Content Officer Donna Langley hinted that the franchise would reduce its stakes following ‘Fast 11′. Speaking during an interview with Variety, Langley hinted that the franchise would move back to Los Angeles to a more “intimate” environment free of global catastrophe risks.

    Considering that the ‘Fast X’ follow-up is still being developed and is probably going to be published in the summer of 2026, it doesn’t seem like a decision has been made entirely “Where we go next is a question,” Langley further said during the interview. “We may pivot another time and bring it back to the streets of L.A. and maybe make it a more intimate story.”

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    When Will ‘Fast & Furious 11’ Release?

    Poster for 'Fast and Furious 11'
    Poster for ‘Fast and Furious 11’

    ‘The film ‘Fast & Furious‘ was set for release before the summer of 2025, as Vin Diesel had confirmed before. However, it has now been delayed. It also remains unclear what the film will center around, as the plot has been kept a mystery as of now.

    Louis Leterrier, the director of ‘Fast X‘, is back for the 11th film. The film is currently under under development and will be written by Oren Uziel and Christina Hodson. Leterrier stated that although ‘Fast 11′ has not yet begun filming, it would begin “early next year” and will be released in 2026, marking exactly 25 years from the first film’s release.

    The original cast along with the likes of Vin Diesel, Jason Momoa and the rest are set to return for the sequel. More details are expected to release soon.

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