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    Sofia Vergara Explains Why ‘Modern Family’ Revival “Doesn’t Feel Right” To Her

    Modern Family‘ is the perfect modern-day sitcom that perfectly portrays aspects of an American extended family navigating through their relationships while also embracing each other’s idiosyncrasies. With every character having its own eccentricity, the sitcom becomes relatable for people of different ages, sexualities, and nationalities.

    The show, though being a much loved one, concluded in 202 after an impressive 11-season run. The end of the show was as perfect as it could get, but it definitely did not leave the fans satisfied. As any ardent fan would want, many demanded for the show to be continued further. Sofia Vergara, who plays the character of Gloria on the show, recently shared why a revival of the show “does not feel right“.

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    “We Need A Little Bit More Time”: Sofia Vergara Said On ‘Modern Family’ Revival

    Modern Family (Image: Getty)
    Modern Family (Image: Getty)

    Sofia Vergara recently marked her presence on ‘The Tonight Show’  ahead of her upcoming Netflix series ‘Griselda’. Best known for her portrayal of Gloria on ‘Modern Family‘, the actress also talked about the prospect of revisiting the iconic show that kicked off her career.

    Surprisingly, Sofia had reservations about getting the show a revival so soon after the series finale. “No, it’s only been four years. I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem right. I feel like we need a little bit more time. Well, we don’t have much time because Ed [O’Neill] is old,” she jokingly said.

    Steve Levitan, the co-creator of Modern Family, also expressed similar views about the potential revival. He said he is proud of how ‘Modern Family’ panned out and ended. According to him, the ABC show had its time and has received much love from the audience. It was perhaps a classic case where the makers wanted to leave the show at a perfect end rather than stretching it trying to get something more from it.

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    Is A ‘Modern Family’ Spin-Off In The Works?

    Modern Family (Image: Getty)
    Modern Family (Image: Getty)

    Both Vergara and Levitan shared the same reluctance to revisit the storyline just yet, but they did not entirely rule out the possibility in the future. ABC Entertainment’s president recently revealed that there have been discussions about a spinoff centered around Mitch and Cam’s characters, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet respectively.

    Reports suggest that the spin-off would also be Levitan’s brainchild if it comes to fruition. Ferguson had also disclosed in June 2022 that scripts for the proposed spinoff do exist. However, some other reports suggested that the project has faced obstacles and is not currently in progress.

    Modern Family’ remains a celebrated sitcom as more people continue to watch and rewatch it. The cast and creators of the show, including Vergara and Levitan, appear cautious about the prospect of a revival, suggesting it would be best to let the show rest in its well-earned glory rather than hastily trying to recreate it.

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