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    Sofia Vergara Handles Insults About Her Accent Like A Boss

    Move over, because Sofia Vergara just gave us another reason to stay obsessed with her. True to her character in ‘Modern Family’, the actress has always stayed true to her roots and continued to carry an accent- something that adds up to her charm and her stunning personality.

    Also, just like Gloria Pritchett, Sofia Vergara claps back at people who insult her accent. Here’s how she handled a rude interviewer’s statement on her accent like a boss.

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    Sofia Vergara Claps Back At Rude Interviewer

    Sofia Vergara
    Sofia Vergara

    In true Gloria Pritchett fashion, Sofia Vergara stood up for herself as an interviewer continued to mock her accent on the show, and Vergara gave the perfect response to shut him up.

    As she sat for an interview on a Spanish show, the host started to mock her for her pronunciation of the words ‘Modern Family’ and said to her “How do you say Modern Family?”

    Sofia then clapped back and said, “Did I say it wrong? Oh, because you speak better English than me? How many Emmy nominations do you have in the United States, sorry? How many times were you nominated for the Golden Globes, sorry? When were you nominated for the SAG Award, sorry?”

    The host also subtly jokes about her hair, asking if it’s natural. To which Sofia responds and says, “Now I’m blonde or do you see me with black hair?”

    She then says, “It’s mine,” and pointing to a photo of her younger self she says, “there [in the photo] I was 20 years old, now I’m 51. I mean, what do you want? Or did hair come out like that on you?” she asks, pointing at Motos’ gray hair.

    Her response has won over the internet as everyone applauded her for her witty response. Here’s how the internet responded to her retorts.

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    Internet Reacts To Sofia Vergara’s Response

    Sofia Vergara
    Sofia Vergara

    The Colombian beauty has continued to win hearts since her iconic role in Modern Family as Gloria Pritchett. Perhaps the best part of her character is how much it resembles to who she is in real life.

    Her response to the interview that joked about her accent has absolutely won over the internet’s heart.

    Many people also bashed the interviewer Pablo Motos.

    Naturally, this isn’t the first time she has had to defend her accent or her ethnicity on talk shows. But well enough, she always has the smartest comebacks in store to fire at whoever mocks her.

    Gloria Pritchett, is that you?

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