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    “She Doesn’t Need Taylor Swift To…”: ‘Modern Family’ Star Julie Bowen Takes A Dig At Taylor Swift And Sophie Turner Amidst Sofia Vergara’s Divorce

    Hollywood’s floodgate of divorces has opened up! There have been a plethora of divorces that have been heartbreaking for fans. Ricky Martin separated from his longtime boyfriend, Jwan Yosef. Sophia Turner and Joe Jonas have filed for divorce. Amidst the long list, Sofia Vergara and her partner, Joe Manganiello, also separated.

    When the separation news came out, Sofia Vergara’s ‘Modern Family’ co-star, Julie Bowen, was supportive of the star. She has been updating the fans about how Vergara is doing post-divorce. In a new update, Julie Bowen took a dig at Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner, as the pop star is supporting Sophie, her ex’s wife, amidst her humiliating divorce from her husband, Joe Jonas.

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    Julie Bowen Takes A Sly Dig At Taylor Swift For Taking Sophie Turner To Travis Kelce’s Game

    Julie Bowen takes a sly dig at Taylor Swift for taking divorcees like Sophie Turners to NFL games
    Julie Bowen takes a sly dig at Taylor Swift for taking divorcees like Sophie Turners to NFL games

    On October 1, 2023, Taylor Swift took her entire squad and many Hollywood A-listers to Travis Kelce‘s game. Celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and others attended the Kansas City Chiefs game against the New York Jets. However, there is a new addition to Taylor’s squad: Joe Jonas’ ex-wife, Sophie Turner. She has been hanging out with the ‘Game of Thrones’ star since the divorce announcement.

    Now, Taylor Swift’s support for Sophie Turner has become a chance to take a dig at them for Julie Bowen. In a recent interview with People, Julie talked about extending support to her fellow co-star Sofia Vergara amidst her divorce from Joe Manganiello.

    Julie Bowen said, “Her Instagram says it all. We have spoken, and she’s doing great. Sofia has always had such a wonderful family that surrounds her and wonderful friends.” Taking a dig at Taylor Swift, she said, “She doesn’t need Taylor Swift to take her to a game. She’s good. But I’m super happy that all those other girls are going to games with T Swifty. I wish she had been around for me.”

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    Swifties Get Defensive For The Actress’ Take Down Of The Singer

    Julie Bowen faces the ire of Swifties for dragging Taylor Swift in Sofia Vergara's divorce
    Julie Bowen faces the ire of Swifties for dragging Taylor Swift in Sofia Vergara’s divorce

    Julie Bowen’s mention of Taylor Swift is not sitting well with the Swifties, as they are calling her out. Some are saying that connecting Sofia Vergara’s divorce to Swift and her supporting Sophie Turner is unnecessary.





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