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    Sofia Vergara’s ‘Modern Family’ Co-Star Julie Bowen Thinks She Doesn’t ‘Need’ A Relationship Amid Joe Manganiello Divorce

    Julie Bowen is full of praise and appreciation for her ‘Modern Family’ co-star Sofia Vergara. Bowen starred alongside Vergara for 10 years from 2009 to 2020 in the ABC sitcom. With Sofia Vergara being recently divorced from her husband Joe Manganiello, Julie Bowens is waiting to have a girl’s night with her co-star.

    The two actresses have been traveling a lot and haven’t caught up with each other, Bowen confessed. Julie Bowen gushed adding that Vergara can surely be in a relationship again but she really doesn’t ‘need’ one amidst the divorce. Here’s more.

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    Julie Bowen Praises Co-Star Sofia Vergara

    ‘Modern Family’ co-stars Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara

    Julie Bowen is excitedly waiting to reconnect with ‘newly single’ Sofia Vergara this winter. The 53-year-old talked highly of her Columbian co-star. “Everything Sofia does, she does with grace,” Bowen told E! News on August 21. “And she rises above and she just goes forward. She’s warm and generous and giving to everybody around her. I have no doubt that if she wishes to be in a relationship she will be but she sure don’t need one.

    The Modern Family’ actress also shared how she is looking forward to a girl’s night out with Vergara on the dance floor. “I would like that very much. Oh, but she would be so mad at me because I can’t dance. She’s such a good dancer. She just does this slow hip roll for hours. And that’s a lot of what hanging out with her is — it’s slow rolling for a long time,” Bowen said.

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    Sofia Vergara Living Her Best Single Life

    Sofia Vergara

    The Columbian actress Sofia Vergara recently separated from her husband of seven years, Joe Manganiello. Vergara has been enjoying her time with her friends and family. She had a girl’s night out and had been seen dancing at a Karol G concert. The ‘Hot Pursuits’ actress has been spending her time vacationing in Italy with her friends. She also celebrated her 51st birthday while on the trip.

    The celeb seems to be enjoying her single life to the fullest. Vergara shared through Instagram all about her Italian getaway. The news about Sofia Vergara separating from Joe Manganiello broke out in late July. The pair married in 2015, six months after their first meeting. They were together for seven years.

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