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    Why Sara Hyland Was Almost Rejected By ‘Modern Family’ Makers For Haley Dunphy’s Role?

    ‘Modern Family’ is one of the most successful sitcoms American television has produced. Fourteen years down the lane, it still is one of the most loved shows. Packed with powerful comedy, and characters with strong and diverse personalities, it still remains one of the most popular sitcoms among audiences young and old. Be it Gloria Pritchett’s iconic accent, Cameron Tucker and his love for pink, Phil Dunphy going down history as one of the most loved dads of American television, or the sassy queen- Haley Dunphy.

    Now it has come to light, that fans almost lost Sarah Hyland as her iconic Dunphy character. Speaking to Buzzfeed about her time on the show, the actress talks about why she was almost rejected by the ‘Modern Family’ makers. 

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    Why Was Sarah Hyland Almost Rejected?

    In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, Sarah Hyland revealed that originally, Modern Family makers didn’t want to pick her as they thought she was ‘too old’ for the role. She says “Originally, they didn’t want to see me for Modern Family because I was 18 and Haley’s character was 15.” The makers- according to Hyland refused to cast her as she didn’t look Haley’s age.

    Later, her agent had to fight for her and said, “She doesn’t look 18 years old, I promise you! She looks very, very young!” The then 18-year-old actress then went in and was pre-read for the cast.

    Hyland continued by saying that the casting directors had already decided she was too old and had not even placed her on tape for the first reading. And then- well the rest is history. She succeeded in convincing the makers of her potential as Haley. Well- can we imagine anyone else as Haley Dunphy? Absolutely not.

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    What Is Sarah Hyland Up To Now?

    The 32-year-old is currently a host for Love Island USA and continues to win hearts. Hyland got married to Wells Adams in 2022 in a stunning California location. Adams started his career as a DJ in Nashville and later appeared on the 12th season of The Bachelorette.

    Talking about her experience as a host in Love Island, Hyland said, “They called me up and said, “Are you interested?” And I said, “Hell yes, I am. I’m planning a wedding though, I’m getting married in August. Can I even do this? Where are you filming?” They told me and I was like, “Cool. I can do this now.” And that’s how that went. Yeah, planned a wedding, did Love Island, and got married in the middle of Love Island. It was crazy.”

    Needless to say, Sarah Hyland has had a massive and successful career owing to Modern Family. I mean, who else could’ve played the chirpy sassy Haley better than Hyland?

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