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    “May The Fourth Be With You”: Interesting Story Behind May 4 Getting Selected As The ‘Star Wars Day’

    The 4th of May might seem like any ordinary day on the calendar, however, it has a special meaning for Star Wars fans. May 4 is celebrated as Star Wars Day every year.

    It is somewhat of an unofficial holiday for fans of the franchise created by George Lucas. No other franchise has such a tradition which makes this very special. So why exactly did the Star Wars community pick this particular date? Here’s everything you need to know.

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    Significance Of May The Fourth In Star Wars Community

    Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader
    Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    The most simple explanation for picking this date is that it rhymes with the catchphrase of the Star Wars franchise, “May The Force Be With You”. But it will be just like scratching the surface as things go much deeper.

    George Lucas laid the foundation of the franchise in 1977 with ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’. It quickly became a sensation and people it is very different. One year after its release, in 1978, a newspaper used the phrase “May the Fourth With You” as a gimmick for Independence Day which is July 4.

    Star Wars was getting popular all over the world and was not limited to the American belt. A British newspaper writer used the phrase “May The Fourth Be With You” to wish birthday to Britain’s Prime Minister Marget Thatcher.

    In 1982, Randy Thom, the location sound recordist for ‘Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi’ (previously it was ‘Revenge Of the Jedi’) started working with the team on 4 May. He spontaneously thought “May The Fourth With You” pun given the date and shared it with other members.

    With this pun going on, the first Star Wars Day was celebrated on May 4 2011 in Toronto Underground Cinema. Few people thought that this custom of having a Star Wars day would die out with time, however, the “Force” was with the fans.

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    What To Do On Star Wars Day?

    Star Wars Day
    Star Wars (Image via LucasFilms)

    Fans cannot just wish each other “May The Fourth Be With You” to celebrate Star Wars Day. There are few things that fans do as it is custom. First, fans must either wear something Star Wars-themed. If you decide to cosplay then it would be the cherry on the cake.

    Second thing, either call sick in the office or skip lectures for a day (to be honest you must have “Force” with you for this). Now get ready to watch the Skywalker Saga on the marathon. Do not skip the painful JarJar binks part from the prequel, you must bear that pain.

    Since there are multiple Star Wars media available now, fans can pick those too. But, you have to watch the original trilogy to experience the magic that started all.

    Fans can do other things too like having Star Wars-themed snacks or screaming when Hayden Christensen’s Anakin Skywalker slaughters the younglings. Now everything is upon you. And, try to thank George Lucas for this in between.

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