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    Taylor Swift’s Ex Jake Gyllenhaal And Her Friend Sabrina Carpenter To Be On ‘SNL’ Season Finale, Swifties Can’t Handle The Mess

    Swifties are losing their minds at the latest ‘SNL‘ guest list. Jake Gyllenhaal has paired up with Sabrina Carpenter for the show, prompting fans to anticipate a little bit of drama on stage. Why? Carpenter is one of Taylor Swift‘s best friends and Gyllenhaal is one of her high-profile exes, not to mention he’s the most hated by fans.

    Fans are now joking about Sabrina having to interact with another one of Swift’s rivals. This comes after she was criticized for doing a campaign with Kim Kardashian. Here’s the full story.

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    Jake Gyllenhaal And Sabrina Carpenter On SNL

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Sabrina Carpenter
    Jake Gyllenhaal and Sabrina Carpenter

    Fans couldn’t help but make a rather obvious link between Jake Gyllenhaal and Sabrina Carpenter as soon as NBC’s sketch comedy series revealed on Thursday that Jake Gyllenhaal would be hosting the show and Sabrina Carpenter would be the musical guest in the upcoming season 49 finale. That link is Taylor Swift. This is because of the fact that the ‘Anti-Hero’ singer publicly dated Gyllenhaal in 2010 and subsequently wrote several songs that were allegedly inspired by him, including the intense 10-minute ‘All Too Well’.

    Ever since the announcement, fans have been flooding social media with possible outcomes of this pairing, most of this ending with Sabrina subtly shading Gyllenhaal somehow. Many even got creative and made possible outros to Sabrina’s ‘Nonsense‘ (every time she performs the song live, she creatively comes up with a new outro to suit the scene).

    Many also assumed that ‘SNL‘ writers would probably grab the opportunity and make a few jokes about Swift.

    While many criticized Sabrina for constantly doing campaigns with people Swift is on bad terms with.

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    What Is Taylor Swift’s History With Jake Gyllenhaal?

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift
    Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift

    When Taylor Swift was 20 and Jake Gyllenhaal was 29, they had an on-again off-again romance that lasted from October 2010 to early 2011.

    The relationship- as it can be gathered from Swift’s depiction of it, was messy and turbulent and left her extremely heartbroken. So much so that she wrote an entire album about it (Red). While a lot of songs on that album are about the actor, one particular song “All Too Well” gained immense prominence and continues to be one of Swift’s most heartbreaking and well-written songs. After the rerecording, she released the 10-minute version of the song, which gave fans even more details on the romance, which was, as many fans pointed out, extremely problematic and a bad experience for Taylor.

    She had also released a short film for the song that featured Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien as Swift and Gyllenhaal. The song remains to be one of her biggest successes.

    Though there has not been any interaction between the two after the breakup, fans are excited to see what his pairing with Swift’s friend will bring on screen.

    SNL’ season 49 finale will air on May 19th.

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