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    Taylor Swift Opens Up About Losing Her Masters And How It Made Her “All Too Well” Short Film Experience More Memorable

    The Swifties have always “been there,” and the experiences that Taylor Swift gave them were “always remembered” by them. The lines may seem familiar as Taylor Swift released the re-worked and extended version of her ‘All Too Well’ last fall with visual imagery starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. The film was screened on Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival. Post the screening, Taylor sat for an interview with Mike Mills.

    During the interview, Swift talked about the gut-wrenching experience she had while directing Sadie. In the same interview, she talked about the process of filming and writing, and how she was losing all her work, and how she rose from the situation due to fans.

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    “It Was A Hard Time For Me”: Taylor Swift Opens About Overcoming Moments Of Grief

    Taylor Swift on the cover of her album Red(Taylor's Version)
    Taylor Swift on the cover of her album Red(Taylor’s Version)

    The folkloreartist released the re-worked and extended version of the single “All Too Well” from Red(Taylor’s Version). The revamped version from a decade ago came to fruition because of the fans. After its release in November, the song charted No.1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 in its debut week. Swift said, “You guys just wouldn’t let it go. There’s so much happening in the music industry that’s so exciting.”

    She continued, “The fans have kind of subverted the label model of ‘we sit in a conference room and we pick the songs you’re going to like.’ You guys are like, ‘No, we don’t want to do that anymore.’ I find it so radical and wonderful, and I’m just trying to listen to the heartbeat of what fans want.” Currently, Taylor is swamped with the task of re-recording her albums. She lost her work twice without her awareness.

    Addressing the situation, she said, “I’m in this situation, standing on this stage, talking about a short film I’m incredibly proud of because I lost all of my work. I was not able to own my work and I had wanted to since I can remember. It was a very hard time for me.” The support system that the artist has, aided her to overcome the moments of grief and be in a much happier place right now.

    Taylor gave a surprising acoustic performance post the screening of the film. In the video, we see Sadie Sink, a young, amateur, aspiring novelist, and Dylan O’Brien as an elder toxic guy. In the video, the toxicity oozes out of him, and it reaches the pinnacle in a heart-wrenching confrontation scene. Taylor, while talking about it, said, “Every time I watch it, it’s actually hard for me to watch, especially when she’s crying so hard that it’s concerning. It’s really upsetting in the best way.”

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