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When Bruce Banner Became Spider-Man Instead Of Hulk And Got The Most Painful Ending In Marvel History

The Spider-Verse is filled with numerous variants of Spider-Man, each variant with a different back story, vendetta, and powers. While the Spider-Verse was a common occurrence in the Marvel comics, it was only after ‘Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse’, that these variants came to life.

But there is a universe where Bruce Banner becomes Spider-Man instead of Hulk, eventually finding himself helpless on the villain’s table.

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When Bruce Banner Traded His Green Muscles For Spidey Senses

Bruce Banner as Spider-man

As crazy as the Spider-Verse sounds, there are infinite possibilities of what might happen, for instance, Bruce Banner becoming Spider-Man of Earth-70105. Banner felt guilty for Peter Parker’s transformation as he was one of the original inventors of Gamma Bomb, and worked hard to find the origins of the Hulk.

After Doctor Richards rejected the idea of curing him, Banner dissected a spider that survived the same blast that Peter did. The spider bit him, altering his DNA, and since he was bitten as an adult, his body couldn’t cope, and he went on a rampage, escaping the military installation and evading SHIELD for two years.

After years of being in custody, undergoing gene therapy and heavy medication, Bruce Banner became a member of the SHIELD family as Spider-Man. Although he faced an undeserving death, Banner was resurrected by Silk when he cut open Morlun with the Totem Dagger.

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Bruce Banner Of Earth-70105 Faced The Most Tragic Death

Bruce Banner dies an unfotunate death
Bruce Banner dies an unfortunate death

Soon after the rampage incident, Bruce Banner was recruited into the Spider Army to fight against the Inheritors. He was sent out to recruit Kaine along with Spider-Woman and Old Spider-Man. As Kaine was in the middle of the battle with Daemos, Banner’s intrusion played against him.

While helping out Kaine, Daemos snapped Bruce Banner’s spine, leaving him paralyzed. As he cried for help, the other Spiders escaped through the portal to Earth-13, leaving Banner behind. He woke up to find himself served as a platter on the Inheritors table. His life force was then feasted on during the Inheritors’ feast.

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