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    Why Meghan Markle Missed ‘Suits’ Reunion At Golden Globes

    Golden Globes saw many delightful moments, and one particular one of those came as a great surprise for the fans of the TV show ‘Suits‘. The star cast of the show, including Gabriel Macht, Patrick J Adams, Gina Torres and Sarah Rafferty gifted the show’s fans with a mini reunion while presenting an award.

    This came after ‘Suits’ rose to a sudden fame in the past year, much later after it ended. The sudden surge in viewership was seen on streaming platforms like Netflix and Peacock after the show started streaming there. The show’s cast also acknowledged this and thanks the audience. But one chief missing element in this reunion was Meghan Markle. It has now been revealed why she was absent.

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    Was Meghan Markle Invited For ‘Suits’ Reunion At The Golden Globes?

    Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane on ‘Suits’ (Image: Getty)

    The stars of the hit TV series ‘Suits’ graced the 2024 Golden Globes stage on Sunday, minus Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex, who played the sharp-witted character of Rachel Zane on the show, was noticeably absent from the reunion.

    Though there was a lot of buzz around Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams coming together for the awards, the presence of Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres on the stage was a surprise element. The four presented the Best Television Series, Drama category award during the ceremony. Though the mini reunion panned out pretty well, Meghan Markle’s absence gained traction.

    According to a report by Entertainment Tonight, the Duchess was invited to partake in the Suits reunion, but she denied it because of some prior commitments. The other cast members, however, seem to have had a great time at the reunion.

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    ‘Suits’ Cast Talk About The Show’s Sudden Success And Their Golden Globes Reunion

    ‘Suits’ cast reunites at the Golden Globes (Image: Getty)

    In an interview with her former co-stars before the ceremony began, Sarah Rafferty said that it is indeed a joyful moment to reunite with her ‘Suits‘ friends.

    Known for her role as Donna Paulsen on the show, Sarah said, “It’s so nice to see old friends again.” Macht, who plays Harvey Spector, also chimed in. “It’s exciting. I’ll see some of my cast members from the show. I’ll see some friends from some movies that I’ve made years ago. It’s nice to be included in the evening,” he said.

    Discussing the sudden popularity of Suits, Macht said it did not realy come as a surprise for him. “The show resonates with people,” he said. “I think people like to watch people in an office or a family and they’re working it out. I think it resonates.The show was a big hit when we shot it, and it was a hit around the world, and then [on] Netflix… it’s a new generation that comes in and sees it and goes, ‘Wow, this is incredible.’ I think people are just catching up,” he added.

    The ‘Suits’ cast also revealed that they stay connected through a text chain even after the show ended in 2019. Patrick J. Adams remarked how it is particularly difficult to keep up with Gabriel Macht.

    Adams, who played Michael Ross on the show, said, “Mostly, I’m just trying to get Gabriel to respond. Honestly, he’s slow on the text, and he has like six different numbers now because he lives in England. So, we’re just trying to find out which number works.”

    Though Meghan Markle’s absence left a Rachel Zane-shaped void in the reunion, the ‘Suits’ family and their fans across the globe have definitely had a celebratory moment on the Golden Globes stage.

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