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    ‘SNL’ Hosts Joke About Meghan Markle Taking Care Of “Unemployed Immigrant” Prince Harry In ‘Suits’ Spinoff

    Legal drama ‘Suits‘ has gained some outstanding traction in 2023, much after the show ended in 2019. Though it chiefly happened after the show was introduced to streaming platforms like Netflix and Peacock, fans have theories about what contributed to its sudden success. One of these aspects is the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, who has been in the headlines since she married Prince Harry and therefore left the show.

    With a ‘Suits‘ spin-off officially under works, speculations about its casting are rife. While some suggest that the spin-off will have an entirely different cast, reports also indicate that some from the original cast may be retained. Amid all this buzz, comedians Colin Jost and Michael Che have taken a sharp but comedic dig at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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    Colin Jost And Michael Che Call Prince Harry An “Unemployed Immigrant”

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Image: Getty)
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Image: Getty)

    In a classic Weekend Update segment on ‘Saturday Night Live, Colin Jost and Michael Che made everything from a new Suits spinoff to Donald Trump the matter of their jokes. The duo kicked off with a jab at the newly announced ‘Suits spinoff, which is reported to be set in Los Angeles and focusing on Meghan Markle’s character.

    It will focus on Meghan Markle’s character struggle to balance her legal career while also caring for an unemployed immigrant,” Jost said as the screen displayed an image of Prince Harry. After leaving a few seconds for the audience to absorb the joke and have a good laugh, he switched gears to politics.

    Jost then brought attention to the news of Joe Biden’s victory in the South Carolina primary, noting that the president “barely” outpaced “his closest rival — time.”

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    Jost Involves Trump, Epstein, Taylor Swift And Kristen Stewart In Comedic Banter

    Donald Trump with Jeffrey Epstein socializing
    Donald Trump with Jeffrey Epstein socializing (Image: Getty)

    The ‘SNL’ hosts then tackled conspiracy theories from the MAGA camp, suggesting that they believe the NFL is orchestrating the Super Bowl to let the Kansas City Chiefs endorse Biden.

    Man, MAGA people have so many enemies to keep track of,” Jost said. “You have to hate the NFL, Taylor Swift, Bud Light, Disney, Kristen Stewart for some reason, electric stoves, windmills, the concept of rainbows, and the green M&M,” he added.

    And you have to think that everyone in the government is a secret pedophile except for this guy dancing with Jeffrey Epstein,” Jost continued, as the screen showed a video of Trump next to Epstein. “Isn’t that the happiest you’ve ever seen Trump? He’s dancing like nobody is checking I.D.’s.”

    With their witty banter and sharp commentary, Jost and Che spared no one from the mockery, be it the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, or Taylor Swift. The ‘Suits‘ spin-off is meanwhile in the works though the show makers have not delved into many details about the show’s plot or cast.

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