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    “Like A Real Idiot”: Travis Kelce’s Dad Admits He Didn’t Know Taylor Swift’s Name When They First Met

    It would be an understatement to say that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the talk of the town. Every news headline, every reporter, and every Instagram page is obsessed with Hollywood’s celebrated couple.

    Recently a source revealed Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are really happy together and they are having a lot of fun and taking it slow. With the couple taking a step forward in their relationship meeting and bonding with the parents, Kelce’s dad shared a hilarious episode about meeting Swift for the first time.

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    Travis Kelce’s Father Was Unaware About Taylor Swift

    Taylor and Kelce's parents spotted mingling. (Image: Instagram/@jacklynchapp)
    Taylor and Kelce’s parents were spotted mingling. (Image: Instagram/@jacklynchapp)

    On Friday Ed Kelce appeared on Audacy’s 92.3 The Fan where he opened up about his son Travis Kelce’s girlfriend. He confessed that he could not recognize Taylor Swift when they were first introduced. Ed recalled, “When Travis has a lot of friends coming into town to the game, everyone meets at his house, although he’s not there. Taylor walks in with a security guy, and I look at her, and I say to my girlfriend, Oh my God! I know this kid, but I don’t know what her name is.’ Jeez, you know, like a real idiot.”

    Ed’s girlfriend then said, “You don’t know her? This is Taylor Swift, you idiot.” Papa Kelce was embarrassed by this encounter with the pop star.

    Ed Kelce and Travis Kelce’s mother were already making headlines and reports because of their famous athlete sons. Ed said, “We were so popular, the Commissioner offered to let us sit in the box for the Super Bowl.” But after his son’s high-profile relationship with Swift, they were being recognized at an international level as well.

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    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Have Learnt To Deal With Public Attention

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

    In Hollywood culture, as long as the relationship is private, the couple is happy. But as soon as they start hitting the headlines, the relationship goes downhill. Also being in a relationship with Swift, there seems to be a significant rise in Travis Kelce’s popularity, as admitted by the athlete himself.

    During the Chief’s press conference, he opened up about his rising fame and the way to tackle the public attention on his romance with the ‘Lover‘ singer. Kelce said he and Taylor Swift are shutting out the “outside noise” as they navigate their relationship in the public eye. Kelce also added, “As long as we’re happy, we can’t listen to anything that’s outside noise. That’s all that matters.”

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