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    Logan Paul Threatens To Sue The Doctor Who Called His Prime Energy Drink ‘Scary’

    Logan Paul is a well-known American social media influencer, professional wrestler, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and actor. The social media star owns an energy drink company called Prime. This WWE wrestler is a well-known YouTuber as well with a considerable following. 

    Recently, he called out a doctor on his social media for speaking badly about his energy drink. The YouTuber and WWE star is the co-founder of Prime drinks along with KSI. The brand was launched in 2022 and mostly promoted via social media. Prime Hydration produces a variety of energy drinks, sports drinks, and drink mixes containing varying levels of caffeine, electrolytes, and added micronutrients. So let’s take a look at what happened. 

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    Logan Paul Calls Out Instagram Doctor Who Criticised Prime Drinks

    Logan Paul co-founded Prime Drinks
    Logan Paul co-founded Prime Drinks

    Earlier this week, social media saw Logan Paul lose his temper over someone who criticized his energy drink brand Prime. Paul put a video of him calling out Dr. Daniel Pompa whom he called a “carrot-colored Instagram doctor”. Pompa had criticized the energy drink and told his followers not to drink it due to all the chemicals allegedly in the product.

    In his videos, the WWE star pointed out that Pompa was a chiropractor with a suspended license and not an actual doctor. Interestingly, Logan Paul also pointed out that Pompa was sentenced to 16 years of probation for stealing $1.4 million from his children’s trust fund. He also asked his followers to share the video to prevent their kids from being influenced by an “Instagram chiropractor”

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    Will Prime Drinks Sue Instagram Doctor?

    Logan Paul
    Logan Paul

    In the video that the WWE wrestler shared on his TikTok, Logan Paul also talked about taking legal action against Dr. Daniel Pompa. “Obviously, we sent this guy a cease and desist that got him to, like, half-apologize, but in the same video, he just doubled down on his bullshit,” the influencer said in his video. 

    He’s even getting called out and corrected in his own comment section for spreading misinformation, but now I gotta come on here and expose the guy because he can’t tell the difference between a can of PRIME Energy and a bottle of PRIME Hydration,” Paul added. 

    Logan Paul also threatened that PRIME is considering suing for “the millions of dollars of damage you’ve caused and make you file for bankruptcy a second time”. Paul added, “Buddy, you don’t know a single thing about what you’re claiming, but if I ever wanna overdose on self-tanner or get my back cracked, I’m coming straight to you.”

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