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    Matthew Perry Was “Angry And Mean” Weeks Before His Death, Reveals Autopsy Report

    Days after ‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry‘s sudden death, his autopsy reports have come up with a new revelation about his behavior in his final days. The actor was discovered dead in his house on October 28.

    Reports stated that Perry had drowned in his hot tub. The 54-year-old actor struggled with drug addiction for most part of his life and was also very vocal about it. During his final days, he was receiving treatment for his addictions and had updated his fans about being sober for over 19 months.

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    Matthew Perry’s Associate Recalls Him As “Mean And Angry” 2 Weeks Before Death

    Mathew Perry Foundation
    Matthew Perry (Image: GETTY)

    Matthew Perry’s autopsy reports revealed that he died of an excess Ketamine dose that he was receiving as part of his medication to treat depression and drug addiction. He was also receiving regular testosterone injections for weight loss.

    The 54-year-old actor’s state of mind a few weeks before his death has also been revealed in the autopsy report. The report says that the ketamine and testosterone doses might have made the actor irritable and in a generally low mood.

    Confirming the report’s speculation, one of Perry’s female associates said that Perry had been “angry and mean” a couple of weeks before his death. However, she also mentioned that when she talked to him a few days before his death, he seemed fine and in “good spirits.

    Sources also said that despite the constant irritability, Perry was hopeful for his drug-free future. He had also reportedly requested the doctors to wean him off ketamine and Buprenorphine as he celebrated 19 months of reported sobriety.

    Though it is still unclear why Perry was prescribed testosterone, which is infamous for triggering aggression, the autopsy report speculates it might have been to counteract the effects of an estrogen-based weight-loss drug he was taking. He was identified as a mildly obese person while he was alive.

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    Ketamine In Perry’s System Was Not From His Last Prescribed Dose

    Matthew Perry with ‘Friends’ co-stars (Image: GETTY)

    Perry’s Los Angeles cottage, where he died, was found strewn with multiple open medication bottles. However, there were no traces of alcohol, illicit drugs, or drug paraphernalia in Perry’s house, as well as in his system.

    The officials did find several nicotine vaping products and nicotine lollipops were also in the home, despite his friends claiming that Perry had kicked his smoking addiction just two weeks earlier. His assistant claimed otherwise, stating that the actor was still puffing two packs a day.

    The autopsy report also notably mentioned that the ketamine level in his system at the time of his death couldn’t have been from his last medical infusion a week and a half before.

    After his death, Perry’s legacy as an advocate for those struggling with addiction goes on as his family launched the Matthew Perry Foundation days after he died. In a November 2022 interview, Perry had said that he wants to be remembered as someone who lived well, loved well, and was a seeker.

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