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    “I’m F***ing Proud Of Myself”: Matty Healy Gives A Half-Hearted Apology For His Controversial Actions After Backlash

    Hollywood’s most problematic, unapologetic artist, Matty Healy finally addressed the controversy surrounding the comment he passed during the Finsbury Park Gig. An infinite number of times, the singer has gotten himself into trouble because of the statements he made.

    From calling Harry Styles a “queerbaiter” and supporting derogatory comments towards Ice Spice, Matty Healy lost his fan’s respect and love. But during his recent performance at Finsbury Park, Healy became emotional and admitted to having taken a few things back. The whole gig seemed very emotive for the Chocolate hitmaker, who became tearful when he brought his own dad on stage for a duet.

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    Matty Healy Always Made Headlines For His Offensive Actions

    Matty Healy ate raw meat during concert
    Matty Healy ate raw meat during concert

    The British singer has on and again offended the fans, accused of being Islamophobic, misogynistic, and antisemitic. His on-stage actions have also caused a wave of disgust from eating raw meat, snogging fans or even appearing to do a Nazi salute.  However, Matty seemed to rake more accountability during the Saturday concert, when the singer issued a half-hearted apology. 

    The signer admitted that ‘there are things he would take back’. Video footage captured by, the band singer began his speech by thanking the crowd for showing up, insisting he’s ‘not someone who takes things for granted’. He continued by saying “1975 isn’t a dry band. There’s a lot of irony in it. Like, Love Me, for example, it doesn’t make sense unless I’m taking the p**s out of myself”.

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    Matty Healy Shared The Stage With His Dad

    Tim and Matty Healy
    Tim and Matty Healy

    The Finsbury Park Gig became an emotional performance for Matty Healy, as he brought his father, Tim Healy on the stage and hugged Matty tightly as he walked out, with his son instantly starting to cry and rub his eyes.“I need to man up. No, no it’s good, ’cause I’ve got my dad.” Soon the actor when on to sing, while Matty was seen smoking. The singer even revealed the reasons for his erratic behavior.

    He continued with his speeching, “I was always, like, trying stuff. And some stuff I got right and some stuff I got wrong. But, do you know what? There’s a lot of things I’ve said, jokes that I’ve made, you know what, there’s probably a couple of f***ing songs I’d take back if I had the chance. What I mean is that I really am only doing this because I want to make you guys laugh and feel good. That’s what my favorite art does and that’s what I’m trying to do. I get a bit excited”. Healy concluded by saying, “And, you know what, I’m f***ing proud of myself.”

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