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    Miley Cyrus Is Turning The Tide Like A Star After Her Recent Flop. Here’s How

    Miley Cyrus has been making waves in the music industry with the release of two new songs in 2024, following her first Grammy win. However, only one of her two tracks quickly rose to success, while the other one failed to impress her fans.

    Fortunately, the more hit song came second, which allowed Cyrus to correct her trajectory as she moved forward in her career. The pop sensation has returned to the top 10 on the Hot 100 chart with her latest hit, ‘II Most Wanted’. The song is released as a part of Beyoncé’s latest album ‘Cowboy Carter’, and also features Beyoncé herself. The song debuted at No. 6, marking Cyrus’s thirteenth career placement in the chart’s highest tier.

    II Most Wanted‘ has made a notable impact on the Hot 100, emerging as the top debut of the week. The track largely benefitted from the star power of both artists, as both Cyrus and Beyoncé collaborated on the song. The appeal of the song increased tenfold because of the pairing-up of the hit duo. 

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    Miley Cyrus’s ‘Doctor (Work It Out)’ Crashed Badly, But She Turned The Tide Just As Quickly

    Miley Musk (Credit: Instagram)
    Miley Musk (Credit: Instagram)

    Miley Cyrus’s last release, ‘Doctor (Work It Out)’, failed to achieve commercial success. Featuring Pharrell Williams, the song peaked at No. 74 on the Hot 100. Despite Cyrus’s recent Grammy wins, including Record of the Year for her hit ‘Flowers’, ‘Doctor (Work It Out)’ faltered and quickly disappeared from the charts.

    The underperformance of ‘Doctor (Work It Out)’ came as a surprise for her fans as well as perhaps the pop star herself, given the significant limelight that Cyrus gained after her Grammy victories. The song’s lackluster performance, however, got the spotlight off her a bit. But she has emerged as a star again with the success of her song on Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’.

    Cyrus managed to turn the tide with the immediate success of ‘II Most Wanted’. The track’s strong debut on Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ album has seemingly given back Cyrus her momentum. Fans now await her next move as she seems to be on a spree after a long time.

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