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    Minnie Driver And Samantha Morton Talk About Importance Of “Women Telling Women’s Stories” Ahead Of Season 2 Of ‘The Serpent Queen’

    Minnie Driver and Samantha Morton, the stars of ‘The Serpent Queen‘, got real about Hollywood’s evolving landscape for women as they didn’t hold back while throwing some subtle shade at the subtle misogyny that’s still operative in Hollywood.

    Driver, who’s graced our screens with her dynamic roles, looked back at the industry’s past and how despite its brighter sides, the acting industry is not the most conducive place for even the women who are at the top of their games. Morton also chimed in, weighing in on Driver’s opinions. Here’s what the duo said.

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    Minnie Driver And Samantha Morton Talk About Breaking the Mold In Acting Business

    Samantha Morton
    Samantha Morton

    During a panel discussion hosted by PEOPLE, Mini Driver and Samantha Morton also touched upon some crucial gender issues in Hollywood as they promoted the upcoming season of their show ‘The Serpent Queen‘. Speaking of women’s place in the industry, Driver reflected upon how women have been taking more responsibility in field despite the conventional obstacles they face.

    It’s refreshing to see more women behind the camera and in executive roles,” Driver said during the conversation. Morton jumped in, saying that diverse storytelling has made Hollywood’s narrative landscape way richer. They emphasized that currently not only more women are present, the caliber of positions open to them has also tremendously grown.

    They emphasized how the days of one-dimensional female characters are long gone. Now, women get to play roles with real depth. Driver and Morton discussed how these roles have moved away from stereotypes, allowing actresses to explore a broader range of emotions and stories.

    In a another recent chat with Entertainment Weekly, Morton credited the increasing presence of female writers and directors for this shift. “When you have women telling women’s stories, there’s an authenticity that resonates more deeply,” she pointed out. It’s like Hollywood finally figured out that women can do more than just look pretty on screen.

    Shows like ‘The Serpent Queen‘ are in fact a result of this transformation, diving into historical narratives with a modern twist.

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    Minnie Driver And Samantha Morton Talk About Their Upcoming Show ‘The Serpent Queen’

    Samantha Morton and Minnie Driver
    Samantha Morton and Minnie Driver

    Minnie Driver and Samantha Morton were quick to point out that while there’s been progress, Hollywood isn’t exactly a feminist utopia yet. True equality means continuous effort towards inclusivity and fair representation. Driver highlighted the importance of mentoring the next generation of female filmmakers and actors to keep this momentum going.

    Talking about their show, the actresses credited creator Justin Haythe for writing rich, strong female characters they could bring to life in their own unique ways. “Justin writes proper women,” Driver explained.

    That’s what I felt when I read his script, that he was just serving the most amazing women, and you feel that service and that interest he has. … Sam also needed someone she could sink her teeth into. I knew it was going to be a great battle,” she added.

    Fans can catch season 2 of ‘The Serpent Queen‘, premiering on July 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.

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