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    Neil Gaiman Faces Charges Of Sexual Assault From Two Women He Had Relationship With

    Hollywood and also sorts of sexual crimes perhaps go hand in hand. The world of glamor and glitz is never devoid of celebrities facing charges of sexual assault. From Sean Diddy Combs to Kevin Spacey, there are several stars that have gotten their reputations marred with accusations and are currently facing trails.

    A surprising addition to the list is Neil Gaiman, the celebrated author known for his works ‘The Sandman‘, ‘Good Omens‘, and ‘American Gods‘. The author has been accused of sexual assault by two women with whom he had consensual relationships. Here’s everything you need to know about the charges against him and what it might mean for his future in the industry.

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    What Are The Allegations Against Neil Gaiman?

    Neil Gaiman
    Neil Gaiman

    Neil Gaiman is currently facing some serious allegations from two of his ex-employees whom he has had consensual relationships with. A police investigation against him is underway in New Zealand, although Gaiman has vehemently denied any accusations of non-consensual acts.

    Both the complainants are young women who came into contact with Gaiman either through his writing or in professional settings.. The complaints span over the last two decades and were first brought to light in Tortoise’s podcast Master: the allegations against Neil Gaiman’, released on Wednesday.

    The first accuser named Scarlett, now 23, has claimed that Gaiman sexually assaulted her within hours of their first meeting in February 2022. The incident reportedly occurred in a bath at Gaiman’s New Zealand residence, where Scarlett worked as a nanny. According to Tortoise, Gaiman contends that they only consensually “cuddled” and “made out” in the bath.

    Gaiman also asserted that throughout their three-week sexual relationship, they only engaged in consensual digital penetration. Scarlett, however, claims that Gaiman subjected her to rough and degrading penetrative sexual acts within their otherwise consensual relationship. Tortoise has also reviewed the contemporaneous messages, notes, and spoken to friends whom Scarlett confided in at the time, which support her allegations.

    The second complainant, who identifies as K, claims to have met Gaiman at a book signing in Sarasota, Florida, in 2003 when she was 18. Their romantic relationship began when K turned 20, while Gaiman was in his mid-40s. K has alleged that she endured rough and painful sex that “she neither wanted nor enjoyed.”

    She also recounted a specific incident where Gaiman penetrated her despite her request not to, due to a painful infection. Gaiman has denied the allegations claiming that he believes that K’s claims are driven by regret over their relationship. He has also contended that Scarlett was experiencing a condition associated with false memories during their time together, a claim not substantiated by her medical records and history.

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    Neil Gaiman Is A Highly Revered Figure In The Literature As Well As Film Industry

    Neil Gaiman
    Neil Gaiman

    Neil Gaiman has vehemently denied all the allegations made against him so far. According to him, the New Zealand police have not pursued his offer of assistance concerning a complaint made by one of the women in 2022, which he interprets as an indication of the complaint’s lack of substance.

    The New Zealand police, in turn, have contended that their efforts to speak to key people in the investigation are underway for which they need to consider various factors, including the locations of all parties involved.

    Gaiman has been named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people and holds the credited to bringing comics to a global audience. He has also been hailed as “the most loved living writer.” His works have been adapted into Netflix and Amazon mini-series, Hollywood films, and West End shows.

    Gaiman also recently delivered the last annual Tolkien Lecture at Oxford University and was chosen to open the latest season of the Queen’s Reading Room podcast. As the investigation continues, the public and Gaiman’s fans await further developments.

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