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    What If Netflix Doesn’t Renew ‘The Sandman’ For A Second Season? Creator Neil Gaiman Has Some Answers

    ‘The Sandman’ is an American fantasy drama based on the comic book written by Neil Gaiman. The comic was developed by Gaiman, David S. Goyer, and Allen Heinberg and published by DC Comics. The series is now streaming on Netflix and has been one of the top shows in the world for 2 consecutive weeks.

    The series is based on the story of its titular character Dream/ Morpheus AKA the Sandman. Tom Sturridge is playing the titular character. He is joined by Boyd Holbrook, Vivienne Acheampong, and Patton Oswalt in supporting roles. The series has gained quite a lot of impression amongst the audience and has created a separate fan base for the show. ‘The Sandman’ fandom has recently been putting out their requests for season 2 of the show. Neil Gaiman has come out with some answers to the fans’ requests.

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    Has Netflix Renewed The Sandman For A Second Season?

    Neil Gaiman created 'The Sandman'
    Neil Gaiman and ‘The Sandman’

    Earlier this month, ‘The Sandman’ series was released and the series has earned some of the most loyal fans ever since. As expected, the fans are now eagerly waiting for the second season of their favorite series. They are expecting to hear the news that the second season of the series is in the works. Gaiman wrote on Twitter that the Sandman is a “really expensive show” and to make another show, the current season must perform well.

    Gaiman’s response to a fan who commented why there is even a question about the next season shocked the fans that there might not be another one. The witty response of Gaiman had given a mission to the fandom to increase the show’s performance in the streams. His response made it clear that the power is in the hands of fans and the streamer.

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    How Can It Survive If Netflix Backs Down?

    Who are the siblings of Sandman?

    Gaiman also tweeted that in order for Netflix to release the money to make another season, the current one has to perform “incredibly well.” Although, the show has been the top show in the world, it might still not be enough. So, Gaiman asked the fans to encourage their friends and family to watch the show. He also asked the fans, who have left the show hanging to watch another show, to finish watching the show.

    Another fan commented, “In case Netflix doesn’t continue you can still bring it to other platform like Prime, Apple tv, Disney + or HBO Max, can’t you?” Gaiman replied, “Yes.” So there is possibility that other streaming platforms can stream the next season. However, just because there is a possibility, it must not be left easily. Fans must proclaim their love for the show so that it finishes its job from where it started. To all the fans of The Sandman series, ASSEMBLE!

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