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    ‘The Sandman’: Top 10 Most Powerful Characters In Fantastical Universe

    Neil Gaiman’s comic series ‘The Sandman‘ finally got its live-action adaptation owing to Netflix. The mind-boggling legendary characters of the comic series are finally on the screen in their full vigor and aura.

    The first season of the show welcomed many characters and their unparallel powers and abilities to life. Many of the characters, understandably, did not make it to season one, making the fans pray and hope they appear rightfully in season two of the show. ‘The Sandman‘ universe is vast with many interesting and complex characters. Here are the top 10 most powerful characters, some of which have appeared in season one, and some of which we hope to see very soon in the next season.

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    10. Lucienne 

    Lucienne's intellectual makes her one of the powerful characters of The Sandman universe

    In the comics, this character was named Lucien but in the Netflix adaptation we have Lucienne. Lucienne takes care of Morpheus’s Dream realm during his absence. Her intelligence sets her apart from the other characters. Her wit and intuition are as good as any of the magic-wielding characters in ‘The Sandman‘.

    9. Matthew

    Matthew is one of the powerful characters in The Sandman
    Matthew, The Raven

    Matthew was initially a human, with a physical body, named John Cable. When he died, his mind still continued to live on in Morpheus’ dreaming realm. Morpheus extended a charming offer to him to continue living on as a raven. Matthew agreed and became Morpheus’ companion and sidekick.

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    8. Mazikeen

    Top 10 powerful characters in The Sandman

    Mazikeen is the intimidating servant of Lucifer, the right hand of the devil. Her brief appearance in the show displays her power. Mazikeen might not have the magic abilities as the other characters of ‘The Sandman‘ universe, but her brute strength sets her apart from everyone.

    During the scene involving Choronzon denying to return the helm to Dream despite the conclusion of the oldest game. Mazikeen lifts the demon by his neck and makes him obey Lucifer’s command. Lucifer doesn’t need to worry, for he knows Mazikeen will make sure his commands are received and completed at his beck and call.

    7. John Dee

    Powerful characters in The Sandman universe
    John Dee

    John Dee is a criminal scientist who uses his powers of manipulation to seize different sources of magic. He uses his mother’s annulet and King Morpheus’ ruby to unleash terror in the land of the mortals. His vision is to remove all kinds of dishonesty in the world since he himself was told many lies in his childhood. However, his vision is selfish and crooked as he keeps on unfolding death and destruction on people. He alters Morpheus’ ruby to his own advantage, which makes him very powerful.

    6. The Corinthian 

    The Corinthian is a powerful antagonist in The Sandman
    The Corinthian

    The Corinthian is the main antagonist of season one. He is strategic and cunning and has the ability to alter dreams into terrors. He is certainly more powerful than all mortals but weaker than most magic-yielding characters in ‘The Sandman.‘ His primary ability, which is quite terrifying, is his ability to view his victim’s life by consuming their eyes. The victims’ eyes turn into teeth and their hair turns white. During this process, their eyes also bleed.

    5. Delirium

    Delirium of The Endless siblings and her powers

    Delirium is the youngest of the Endless siblings and because of her age, she is not taken seriously. However, the realm she controls is very powerful. She is the complete opposite of Destiny, in the way that her realm is chaos. It’s disorganized and often doesn’t make sense. It’s ever-changing and unstable. Her mastery over all forms of magic gives her a higher position.

    4. Johanna Constantine

    These are the powers that make Johanna Constantine
    These are the powers that make Johanna Constantine

    Johanna Constantine has the power of fending off demonic and evil creatures. She is an exorcist. She helps rich people get rid of demons and other supernatural menaces, but with a monetary charge, of course. Constantine is very serious and focused on her work and stays away from all kinds of nuisance.

    3. Death 

    Who is Death in Netflix's The Sandman?

    Death has full control over dead people. She has existed since the first life form came into the origin and she will be there until the last sign of life disappears. This means she will outlive everyone, all of her Endless siblings. Her main responsibility is to guide the mortals when they die. She can locate every spirit on the planet, and can even decide who she’d like to leave on the planet wandering as ghosts. She also has the unique ability to grant immortality to people.

    2. Lucifer Morningstar

    Here's why Lucifer Morningstar is one of the most powerful characters in The Sandman universe
    Lucifer Morningstar

    It was Dream himself who tells Mazikeen that everyone must be terrified of Lucifer Morningstar, for she is the second most powerful next to God. In the comics, Lucifer is a ‘he,’ but in the Netflix adaptation, we see a female Lucifer. Her realm of Hell is run and altered by her and all the demons she reigns over to show her indisputable power. When Dream and her battle in the game, Lucifer’s powers are on full display. In the next season of ‘The Sandman,‘ more of her powers, hopefully, will come to the front.

    1. Dream

    Who are the siblings of Sandman?

    The Lord of Dreams or King Morpheus is the most powerful in ‘The Sandman.‘ He starts as a weak character, but the viewers soon see him regaining his magic powers and strengths. He molds and alters reality, nightmares, and dreams, and influences the waking world to fight against his enemies. His reshaping abilities have proved him to be the most powerful and intelligent character in ‘The Sandman’ universe.

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