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    Taylor Swift House: Where Does The Superstar Live?

    The mega-star, multiple Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, has ruled the music industry for over a decade now. Her world tours, albums, and merchandise sales have brought her a total net worth of $400 million. During the pandemic as well, the singer offered her fans two beautifully, self-curated albums, ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore.‘ Her net worth is only bound to grow, as Swift is reaching for insurmountable numbers through her songs.

    The singer’s properties and extravagant mansions are as diverse as her discography, if not less. The singer often keeps traveling back and forth between houses. Here’s a detailed spread on the luxurious houses that Taylor Swift owns.

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    How Many Houses Does Taylor Swift Own?

    Taylor Swift's real estate portfolio is values a staggering $81 million.
    Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Mansion

    The singer made her first purchase in 2011 at the age of 20. Her first home was at the center of Nashville’s Music Row, which she bought for $1.99 million. In the same year, she bought a $3.55 million property in Beverly Hills, which she, however, sold a few years later. One of her other purchases in Los Angeles was made in 2012, a mid-century modern home, which she later sold in 2018 for almost $1 million profit.

    In 2013, she bought a 2,000-square-foot beachfront mansion in Rhode Island’s Watch Hill. The mansion cost her $17.75 million, where most of Taylor’s celebrity parties have taken place.

    In 2014, the singer purchased two adjacent penthouses in a Tribeca building for $19.95 million. The two properties combined created a huge penthouse, spread over 8,309 square feet of living space, along with ten bedrooms and ten bathrooms. In 2015, she bought an $18 million townhouse next door. Later, in 2018, she bought the second-floor complex of the building for $10 million. The purchases added more to her Manhattan real estate portfolio, and now she practically owns that entire New York block complex.

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    All About The Grammy-Winner’s Houses

    Taylor Swift's Nashville Tennessee apartment
    Taylor Swift’s Nashville Tennessee apartment

    Taylor Swift’s first apartment in Nashville, Tennessee, is still one of her favorite houses to stay at. The condo is right in the heart of Nashville’s Music Row, overlooking the city lights. She spends most of her time here.

    Taylor Swift's Beverly Hills property
    Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills property

    This gorgeous old house was located in the celebrity hotspot neighborhood of Beverly Hills. The cozy house was surrounded by a large green cover with many trees and greenery in sight.

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    Taylor Swift's mid-century modern home in Los Angeles
    Taylor Swift’s mid-century modern home in Los Angeles

    The Los Angeles property that Swift bought was a change in her architectural surroundings as the sleek, modern home had the retro-pop vibes to it. The house usually hosted her guests while she lived in her other Beverly Hills home.

    Taylor Swift's Rhode Island Mansion
    Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Mansion

    Taylor bought a mansion at Rhode Island’s Watch Hill, East Coast. The beautiful property overlooks 700 feet of shoreline with Block Island Sound and Montauk Point also in view.

    Taylor Swift's Tribeca Penthouse
    Taylor Swift’s Tribeca Penthouse

    Swift’s penthouse is located in the trendy Manhattan neighborhood of Tribeca in New York. The duplex penthouse caught the singer’s attention and soon she had merged the two apartments.

    Taylor Swift currently owns three properties, one in Nashville, the other being her New York Tribeca penthouse complex, and the third, her Rhode Island mansion, the rest were sold off. The A-list singer is a real estate mogul. Owning penthouses, mansions, and apartments, her impressive estate portfolio made it to Business Insider, who claimed that her portfolio is worth a whopping $81 million!

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