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    Travis Kelce: Sweet Soulmate Or Problematic Partner? All The Red Flags Of Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s relationship is probably the most talked-about romance in H-town right now. With all the drool-worthy pictures and backstage kisses and Kelce gushing over Swift every chance he gets, it’s all dreamy and seems like Taylor really has found the ultimate king of her heart.

    As much as we love a good romance, there are certain parts of Kelce that have been a little concerning. These range from suspicions that Kelce is using Taylor for clout and a problematic past of him having very different values than the ones Taylor vouches for. In Taylor’s words, has she found the love of her life or a bullet that she should dodge ASAP?

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    Travis Kelce’s Old Tweets Are Troublesome

    Travis Kelce has a net worth of $3 million
    Travis Kelce

    Taylor Swift’s fan brigade dug up a whole bunch of old tweets that Travis Kelce had posted years ago. Some contained offensive statements that would have certainly gotten him canceled if he said it today. The main content in all of these tweets is Kelce degrading women for the sole purpose of ‘comedy’ based on them being either ‘fat’ or ‘ugly.

    This is ironic because Taylor herself is a huge advocate for body positivity and has frequently spoken up about society, or men, for that matter speaking up about women’s bodies and deducing them to what size they are.

    The NFL star has since deleted all the tweets but it was way after they were dug up and dissected already. One might argue that these are a decade old and hence have no connection to who he is now. Fans, however, think that it’s important to start holding men as accountable as the public does with women, mostly since female artists like Taylor Swift are still criticized for doing things that they did decades ago (like dating Harry Styles when he was younger than him or dating a normal amount of people).

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    Travis Kelce Has A Long List Of Ex-Lovers Who Think He Is Problematic

    Travis Kelce

    Maya Benberry, whom Travis Kelce dated for a while came forward to comment on his and Taylor Swift’s relationship. She said, “I wouldn’t be a girls’ girl if I didn’t advise her to be smart! I’m sure by now she has mastered the ability to see who is really there for her—and who is just using her. I can only hope that she comes out the teacher in this situation and not the student.” She then added, “Only time will tell but like the saying always goes, once a cheater, always a cheater.”

    Further, Maya also called Travis a ‘narcissist’. She said, “Certain qualities don’t change in men. I feel like Travis is a narcissist, so most narcissists don’t change.”

    Later on, his recent ex Kayla Nicole also allegedly got cheated on by him.

    Though both the allegations were denied by the tight end, this also became somewhat of a red flag on Travis’ part.

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    Is Travis Using Taylor For Clout?

    Travis Kelce (Image: Wall Street Journal)

    The number one concern for most Swifties – and something that even the general public is concerned about – is Travis’ genuineness when it comes to his adoration for Swift.

    In the beginning, it’s sweet to hear him gush over his lady love and mention her everywhere. Of late, though, it has become somewhat annoying and unnatural how he talks and shares private details about their personal life. In his WSJ interview, he tried to avoid speaking of the relationship by saying “She’ll probably hate me for saying this but..” then proceeded to give inside details on their relationship and how it started.

    Seeing Taylor’s desire for privacy, something that was most evident during her six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn, it’s unnatural to have this many details of her relationship out in public, mostly because of how she has spoken up again and again about how much she adores her privacy when it comes to relationships. “Romance is not dead, if you keep it just yours” is one of the lyrics from her song ‘Paris‘ from ‘Midnights‘.

    In the past couple of months, there have been bigger and louder headlines about Taylor’s relationship with Travis than about her own career moves- because there’s always something new Travis is talking about Taylor in every interview and podcast he’s on.

    The relationship has started to look like a publicity stunt and only time will tell if it’s a genuine connection for Taylor or if it’s all a washer for all the Matty Healy drama and Joe Alwyn breakup sirens. And for Travis, it appears to be a PR move to put him on the map and increase the viewership of the game.

    As for now, we just have to sit back and read through more headlines of Tayvis.

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