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    Top 10 Most-Streamed Shows On Netflix

    January 2022 marked 15 years since the inception of Netflix. The streaming giant has been tasting an all-time success with the worldwide appreciation of record-breaking shows like ‘Squid Game‘, ‘Money Heist‘ and ‘Stranger Things‘, among others. The Korean drama ‘Squid Game’ in fact amassed 1.6 billion hours of views.

    It is certainly worth noticing how ‘Stranger Things 4‘ was able to take the second spot after ‘Squid Game‘ with just a month of its streaming. It is expected that the Duffer Brothers’ creation will soon be crowned with the first position. Here is the updated list of the most streamed shows on Netflix, arranged in order from 10th to 1st.

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    The Witcher Season 1

    The Witcher Season 1 had enough viewership to land it in Netflix's Top 10 most streamed shows
    The Witcher Season 1

    The Witcher‘ season 1 was released in December 2019. The fantastical and thriller plot of the show appealed to a large audience. It is based on the book series of the same name written by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. It recorded a viewership of 541 million hours. Season 2 was released in December last year. However, it couldn’t garner as much anticipation as its first season did.

    All Of Us Are Dead 

    All Of Us Are Dead is the second Korean show after Squid Game to amass massive viewership
    All Of Us Are Dead

    All Of Us Are Dead‘ is the second Korean show after ‘Squid Game‘ to amass massive viewership. It was released in late January 2022. The zombie-gore thriller show kept everyone on the edge of their seats. At number 9, it has scored a total viewership of 560.8 million hours.

    Lucifer Season 5 

    Lucifer Season 5 was streamed more on Netflix than its previous seasons
    Lucifer 5

    Lucifer‘ follows the life of the real fallen angel, Lucifer, who leaves hell and decides to stay amongst humans in Los Angeles. Season 5 of the show recorded 569.5 million views. The show’s last season, season 6, premiered on September 10, 2021.

    Stranger Things Season 3 

    Stranger Things 3 has record breaking viewership
    Stranger Things 3

    Stranger Things 3‘ was released after a gap of almost two years. The show’s fandom is loyal and trusted because, with the new season, the hype around the show increased even more. The Duffer Brothers promise to bring more to the table with every new season. ‘Stranger Things 3‘ has amassed 582.1 million viewership. It was largely suspected that ‘Stranger Things 4‘ would be even bigger in terms of viewership, and voila, looks this is exactly what the fourth installment did!

    Money Heist Part 4

    Money Heist Part 4 is one of the most streamed show on Netflix
    Money Heist Part 4

    On number six is ‘Money Height Part 4‘ with 619 million hours of streaming. The makers of this heist series have incorporated a complex plot that takes its viewers away with every plot twist and the thrill of pulling off grand heists.

    Bridgerton Season 1 and Season 2

    Bridgerton Season 1 and Season 2 are one after the another as the most streamed shows on Netflix

    On number five and four are ‘Bridgerton‘ season 1 and season 2, respectively. This royal, old-period TV series kept the viewers much invested as the story plot was fresh and out of the box. The glamor, the drama, and the love interests appealed to the audience much, taking the streaming hours of season 1 to 625.5 million hours and season 2 to 656.2 million hours.

    Money Heist Part 5 

    Money Heist Part 5 overtake Money Heist Part 4 as the most watched show
    Money Heist Part 5

    With every new season release of ‘Money Heist’ raised the bar and the anticipation kept building. Part 5 of this thriller amassed 792.2 million views on Netflix.

    Stranger Things Season 4

    Stranger Things 4 Volume II crashed Netflix at the time of its release
    ‘Stranger Things 4’ Volume II crashed Netflix at the time of its release

    Stranger Things 4‘ made it to all possible headlines. People who didn’t know about the show, or hadn’t watched, too got to know about the Upside Down and D&D world. It is the second most streamed show on Netflix with 1.26 billion hours of views. ‘Stranger Things 5‘ can be the next bigger show after the turbulent part 4.

    Squid Game

    Squid Game is the most streamed show on Netflix
    Squid Game

    With an out-of-the-box plot, thrills, and suspense, ‘Squid Game‘ became the most streamed show on Netflix with only a few months of streaming. Currently, it sits at the top with 1.65 billion hours of viewership.

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