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    ‘The Sandman’: Why Does Desire of Endless Hate Dream And Keeps Trying To Destroy Him?

    In the Netflix series, ‘The Sandman,’ Endless is the first family birthed into the universe. The Endless family has the keys to existence. With a family of seven siblings – Destiny, Death, Dream, Desire, Despair, Destruction, and Delirium, the series follows a grander scheme of establishing a storyline that surrounds the most fundamental aspects of the universe.

    In both the graphic novel and the Netflix adaptation of the novel- Endless, Dream is the main protagonist of the story. The series focuses on the endless shenanigans that go on between the protagonist Dream and his sibling Desire. Desire is the being of pure passion and craving.

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    The Sandman: Origin Of Enmity Between Dream And Desire

    The Endless siblings of Netflix's Sandman

    The protagonist, Dream, is the ruler of The Dreaming and all those inhabitants in The Dreaming. The storyline of Sandman falls on how Dream is manipulated by Desire. Allegedly, the contretemps of the duo extends throughout the family’s long past. Desire manipulated the feelings of one of Dream’s lovers, million years ago. Dream has from then grown this inextinguishable hatred towards Desire.

    Concurrently, Dream has once snubbed his sibling Desire and Despair. Thus, Desire in a spurn of vengeance took the slight to heart to make Dream stop. Desire is also just a meddlesome character that likes to quarrel with the siblings.

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    The Destruction Duo

    The Endless Siblings of Netflix's The Sandman
    The Endless Siblings in Netflix’s The Sandman

    Contrary, to the famous quote, “Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition,” in the Sandman series, Dream and Desire wedge themselves out. Throughout the series, Dream encounters a lot of antagonists with selfish desires, namely Corinthian, the nightmare created by Dream that destroyed humanity; and Roderick Burgess who longed for the revival of his dead son.

    Out of all the antagonists Dream faced, Desire was the most persistent and meddlesome. Dream had to look upon both his enemies from the outside and Desire, his sibling from the inside. When Dream was focusing on Rose Walker, the human vortex, Desire was plotting to make a dream vortex, according to

    Dream already established that once he lost the entire universe because he couldn’t stop a vortex. Although, the squabble between the duo is tentative, the reconciliation between them would make for a heartfelt moment. With the weightage of metaphysical concepts within the character storyline, Dream and Desire make for a thoughtful analysis of the fundamental psyche of universal beings and the Universe.

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