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    Moon Knight Star Ethan Hawke Defends Superhero Movies

    The actor, movie writer, and director Ethan Hawke recently appeared in Marvel’s Moon Knight as main antagonist. The four times Academy Award nominated actor has always been a supporter of superhero movies.

    Superhero movies have currently made their way into the modern film culture, building quite a large fan base. Even though a few renowned directors have thrown shade at the comic book best movies, Ethan Hawke has always been a supporter.

    The Video That Made The Headlines

    There are always 2 sides to a story. Many renowned directors like Martin Scorsese and Ridley Scott have thrown quite a shade on superhero movies. But, Ethan keeps on defending these movies.

    The concerned video includes a clip of Hawke in an interview with RayWorkProduction In 2018. Hawke defended the movies in the clip saying “I love superhero movies, I love art-house movies. I don’t think there’s a difference between high art and low art. There are movies that people put their heart into, and there are movies that people try to cash in on. And the ones I like are the ones people put their heart into, and you can feel it in a superhero movie, or you can feel it in an arthouse movie.”

    What Did Fans Have To Say Regarding The Video Of Ethan Hawke?

    Ethan Hawke
    Ethan Hawke

    fans are showing a very positive reaction to Ethan Hawkes’s video. Some fans have said ‘Ethan Hawke said it best.”. While another said “Going to reply to every stupid discourse about superhero movies with this video from Ethan Hawke.”

    Hawke has acknowledged the current position of superhero movies in today’s film industry. He has also mentioned that in coming days superhero movies are going to be an art.

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