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    MrBeast House: Where Does The Most Subscribed YouTuber Live?

    When the American video-sharing app YouTube was launched in the year 2005, no one imagined that it could also be a person’s full-time job. Who knew YouTube would help people fetch millions of dollars just through video sharing? However, there were few people who made the best use of the platform. These were YouTubers who comprehended YouTube earlier than others. One of them is Jimmy Donaldson who is popularly known as MrBeast.

    He was just 16 years old when he started his own channel. Today, MrBeast is the most followed and subscribed YouTuber in the entire world with a huge fortune. He triumphed over PewDiePie to rise to the top. Let’s talk about how he lives his life.

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    Have you ever wondered where these YouTubers with so much wealth reside? It is usually assumed that these massive YouTubers live in huge mansions with their families. However, this is not the same with MrBeast. Having around six YouTube channels and a net worth of $100 million, viewers assume that he might reside in a luxurious house. There are also assumptions that he spends his time in a secluded cabin in the woods. We’ll tell you the truth.

    Having been born in Wichita, Kansas, USA, MrBeast has a house in Greenville, North Carolina in the United States. But this does not seem to be an end to his residential places. MrBeast owns a significant number of different pieces of real estate. He owns big homes in Kansas, Georgia, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. In his never-ending quest for more engaging material, he hops from one location to the next.

    However, he is most satisfied in his filming studio. Talking about his growing wealth and how a luxurious lifestyle isn’t the driving factor in his life, MrBeast revealed, “I like money because I can hire more people and grow a business but not so I can increase my lifestyle, or whatever.”

    MrBeast also has a sizable automobile collection at his disposal too. He owns a highly exquisite and expensive collection of automobiles. His fans anticipate that he is a car freak. The car collection includes Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, and Ford models, in addition to a few others. It is not difficult to see him cruising about town in one of his luxurious automobiles.

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    What Makes MrBeast Popular?

    When it comes to his subscribers, Mr. Beast is well-known for his kind nature. This can be clearly seen when he routinely gives away life-changing adventures and enormous monetary awards to random followers. This is most definitely a factor that has contributed to his meteoric rise on YouTube. In the month of November 2022 alone, he increased his subscriber count by an amazing 200%. Can you believe it? This made him reach a total of 116 million.

    After dropping out of college to pursue his YouTube ambitions, MrBeast’s first viral video was released in January 2017 in which he showed himself counting to 100,000. The task took him 44 hours. He has declared how much he loves his work. On a podcast hosted by Lex Fridman, MrBeast revealed, “Weirdly enough, the best thing for my mental health was giving into my innate nature to work. And the most depressed I get is when I try to restrict it, like, ‘I don’t work weekends’ or ‘I don’t work this day.’ What’s best for me is just to work when I feel like working. There are just some nights where I don’t wanna sleep, and for whatever reason, I feel compelled to go all night. And when I’m really in the grind mode it’ll be seven or eight days just non-stop going, going, and then I’ll realize, ‘Oh, I need some recharge time,’ and then go f***ing binge a season of anime.”

    MrBeast is not just kind but is also a big philanthropist. Through his humanitarian organization, Mr. Beast Philanthropy, he has acquired more than 10 million followers on the YouTube channel. He also collected twenty million dollars with the intention of planting twenty million trees.

    The content that Mr. Beast posts on the platform has a wide variety. It ranges from extremely luxurious content like staying in an accommodation that costs one million dollars per night and giving away a private jet that costs two and a half million dollars etc., to basic stuff such as reading the entire script for the Bee Movie or, quite literally, watching paint dry.

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