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    MrBeast Reveals He Was Invited To Ride Titanic Submarine That Imploded, Killing All 5 Onboard

    Youtube’s richest creator MrBeast almost steered away from dead. Jimmy Donaldson a.k.a MrBeast is the 25-year-old content creator famous for attention-grabbing stunts and philanthropy. He revealed he turned down the invitation to explore the sunken Titanic.

    Almost with 163 million subscribers, MrBeast is the most-followed content creator on YouTube sharing luxurious content like living in an accommodation that costs one million dollars per night and giving away a private jet. His popularity even beat PewDiePie as the YouTuber has millions of views only for basic stuff like watching paint dry or just reading off the script.

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    MrBeast Declined The Invitation To Titanic Submarine


    The Titan submersible imploded in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean this week killing all five people on board. While the excavation is still going on, many experts have said that the vessel had a shoddy design that put the passengers at severe risk of death. The vessel went missing on June 18 off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. And one among the five passengers could have been Jimmy Donaldson, who was revealed to have denied the invite on Sunday.

    Although the YouTuber did not add the specifics to the dive he was invited on as OceanGate, the company behind the dive has been operating commercial dives to the remains of the Titanic since 2021. Sharing on Twitter, Mr.Beat tweeted, “I said no. Kind of scary that I could have been on it.” It is still unclear who invited him on his expedition.

    Fans are still suspecting the authentication of the message, as MrBeast shared an image that appeared to be a sent message. However, he cleared up the accusation by saying that the conversation took place from his friend’s perspective as his friend had sent him a screenshot of the invitation following news of the Titan’s fate.

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    Who Were The Other People Who Rejected The Offer?

    Chris and Jay Bloom

    Jimmy Donaldson is not the lucky one who rejected the Titanic offer and almost escaped death. A millionaire digital marketing executive, Chris Brown also spoke about how he pulled out of the submarine’s ill-fated dive. After paying the deposit, he feared that OceanGate was cutting too many corners. He realized it was a bad idea when he discovered that the submersible had been constructed with scaffolding poles and would be steered with a battery-powered gaming controller. 

    Also, another investor Jay Bloom and his 20-year-old son gave up their seats on the Titan just a few weeks before it met with an unfortunate accident. They told CNN on Saturday that they’d decided not to join the voyage owing to safety concerns. However, their seats went on to the UK-based businessman Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son, Suleman who became the victim of the Titan explosion.

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