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    NFL Calls Travis Kelce “Travis Swift Kelce” In Playoff Preview

    One thing to love the NFL for is that it will always give Swifties something to flutter about. This time the ‘something’ was Travis Kelce being referred to as “Travis Swift Kelce” and all the Tayvis shippers cheered.

    Taylor Swift, the girlfriend of Kansas City Cheif’s Tight end Travis Kelce has been at the end of this fun mistake quite a few times during the games. The playoff clip calling Travis ‘Mr. Swift’ is just a little step to balance it out.

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    Meet “Travis Swift Kelce”

    Taylor Swift during Travis Kelce's recent game (Image: Nick Wagner)
    Taylor Swift during Travis Kelce’s recent game (Image: Nick Wagner)

    The NFL is obsessed with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s out-of-a Hallmark movie romance, given the Chiefs tight end now has a new nickname.

    The first week of the playoffs will see Kelce’s squad play the Miami Dolphins on January 13 as part of Super Wild Card Weekend. Ahead of the game, the NFL created a video that was posted on YouTube last Wednesday. The clip reviewed both teams’ seasons and spotlighted key players’ stats.

    Among the preview-worthy shots of the games were a couple of shots of our favorite star pair. And while discussing the Dolphins’ game strategy for stopping Kelce, the voiceover said “And now they take on Travis Swift Kelce, second-most yards for a tight end in 2023 at 984.” 

    Next, in the teaser, Swift could be seen doing her iconic ‘Mid Midnight Rain’ face with her tongue sticking out. She was cheering to support her beau on December 17, 2023, when the Chiefs defeated the New England Patriots.

    The video paused after showcasing one of Kelce’s scores. It showed Swift and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany celebrating with their viral handshake at the game on October 22, 2023, against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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    The NFL Is Manifesting Taylor And Travis Being Married 

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s chemistry has been heightened by the NFL since she made her debut at the games in September. Needless to say, since people are talking about it on the Golden Globes, the NFL does like to show the Pop Princess a little more for all the Swifties watching.

    On December 10, during the Chiefs’ game against the Buffalo Bills, Tony Romo, a former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, made an inadvertent reference to Swift as Kelce’s wife on CBS.

    Commentator Jim Nantz playfully updated Tony, “Not yet.”

    “Err, I’m sorry, girlfriend,” Romo quickly corrected himself.

    Another video of Romo making the same mistake while announcing the Chiefs vs. Raiders game on Christmas Day was posted to Instagram by ESPN and SportsCenter.

    As soon as cameras showed Swift praising Kelce, who recorded his 900th career reception during the game, he quipped, “His wife loves it, I mean girlfriend.” It’s almost like we all are manifesting the same thing.

    “You’ve been down that road with that before,” Commentator Jim Nantz retorted, laughing.

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