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    Nicki Minaj Gets Arrested In Amsterdam During Instagram Live

    Rapper Nicki Minaj seems to have gotten into legal trouble in Amsterdam over substance use while she was interacting with fans via Instagram Live, clips of which have now gone viral across social media.

    Through the live, thousands of fans witnessed Minaj being detained by officers as she got accused of carrying drugs. Though she has maintained her innocence as she continues updating fans with everything that’s going on, she’s not out of the proceedings yet. Read on to know the full story and details about her arrest.

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    Nicki Minaj Gets Arrested In Amsterdam

    Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj

    Over an Instagram live, fans got to witness Nicki Minaj getting approached by an officer in Amsterdam, who accused her of being in possession of drugs.

    “Police officers told me we have to offload all the luggage and to search everything in your luggage,” she was told as she filmed him. “I am so sorry to do that. They did a random quick check, but now they want to open these things.”

    In the video, fans watched as the officer approached her, and a discussion followed where she asked why she was being detained and the officer responded, saying, “Because you’re carrying drugs.”

    The rapper responded by saying “I’m not carrying drugs” and added, “I need a lawyer present” insisting, “No, I need a lawyer present now” as the lawyer asked her to get in the car. The officer then said, “We’ll get (you to) your next show.” Minaj then responded and said, “You’re talking about my show? What about it?”, as transcribed from the videos posted by everyone.

    As for the show, Minaj is expected to perform in Amsterdam on May 25th.

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    Nicki Minaj Defends Herself After Being Accused Of Carrying Drugs

    Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj

    After the arrest, Nicki took to social media to share her thoughts on the arrest, saying, “They’ve been trying everything they possibly can to TRY to stop this tour.” In another tweet, she wrote, “They took my luggage & when I asked where it is they said it’s on the plane. It couldn’t have been, I just pulled up.”

    She also added that this was being done to interrupt her tour as she wrote, “They’re being paid big money to try to sabotage my tour b/c soooooo many ppl are mad that it’s this successful & they can’t eat off me. They got caught stealing money from my travel/jets. Got fired. Got mad. Etc.” Further, she reassured fans by writing that weed is legal in Amsterdam.

    Since the past few hours, she has been active on X, giving fans an update on everything that is happening.

    It’s unclear now what the legal proceedings will be, but hopefully, it will not sabotage her show on the 25th as thousands of fans have been looking forward to the concert.

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