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    “My B**b Is Out And No-One F**king Told Me”: Nicki Minaj Slams Fans After Serious Wardrobe Malfunction Mid-Concert

    Nicki Minaj‘s concerts are never short of drama. But the last one in Orlando, Florida had a moment that went beyond her usual performance blunders — it included a nip slip. The singer ended up exposing her breast while interacting with her fans.

    In fan-captured footage shared on social media, the rapper was seen talking to her audience at the concert when she had the wardrobe malfunction. Initially unaware of it, she can be seen realizing the accidental slip later and getting into a shock. Here’s what happened next.

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    “Do Not Play With Me”: Nicki Minaj Interacts With Fans As Her Dress Slips Off Her Shoulder

    Nicki Minaj (Credit: Instagram)
    Nicki Minaj (Credit: Instagram)

    Nicki Minaj was performing at her concert in Florida’s Orlando as she paused her rendition of ‘The Night is Still Young‘ to talk to her audience. As she was passing around the microphone for fans to join in on the chorus, she stopped at one particular fan.

    While interacting with the crowd, Minaj noticed her dress slipping off her shoulders. “Do not play with me,” she warned her fans and handed the mic to someone in the audience. After a disappointing response from the fan, she snatched the mic back, only to find out that the strap of her dress had slipped off because of the jerk.

    Though she adjusted her dress before any further mishaps, Minaj was seen momentarily distracted as she scolded a fan for filming her instead of living in the moment. As she went on to hand over the mic to another person in the audience, she realized the extent of her wardrobe malfunction.

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    Visibly Shocked Nicki Minaj Blames Her Fans For The Wardrobe Malfunction

    Nicki Minaj (Credit: Instagram)
    Nicki Minaj (Credit: Instagram)

    Visibly shocked, Minaj was seen mouthing, “Oh my God, my boob,” before readjusting her outfit. However, she soon took a humorous approach to get the situation under control as she joked about her exposed boob. “Meanwhile my boob is out and no one f—ing told me. Thanks Barbz,” she said.

    Minaj then continued the show, as she held up her dress to prevent any further mishaps and jokingly warned the audience, “I’m not doing this tonight, I’m not playing with y’all!”

    The incident comes as Nicki Minaj is busy with her Pink Friday 2 World Tour, where she has been delivering a variety of glamorous outfits on stage, ranging from a chrome breastplate to hot pink faux fur. Despite the wardrobe malfunction, Minaj’s starship remained intact as she ensured that the concert went on smoothly after the unexpected moment.

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