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    Nicolas Cage’s Ex Once Accused Him Of Damaging Their Son Who Has Now Allegedly Beat Up His Own Mother During ‘Mental Health Breakdown’ 

    Nicolas Cage is facing a difficult situation as his personal life spills into the headlines. News broke recently that his son, Weston Cage, has been accused of assaulting his mother, Christina Fulton.  

    This incident adds another layer of complexity to a family already navigating past tensions. What makes the news even worse is that this isn’t the first time Weston Cage’s name has been linked to family turmoil. 

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    The Strange Relationship Between Nicolas Cage’s Son Weston Cage And His Mother Christina Fulton

    Weston Cage and Christina Fulton
    Weston Cage and Christina Fulton

    In 2023, Christina Fulton and Weston filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, alleging emotional abuse and manipulation. It paints a picture of a strained relationship between Weston and his mother, with claims of him being particularly vulnerable due to “mental health issues.” 

    These past accusations add a layer of nuance to the current situation. While details are still emerging, sources close to Fulton claim Weston allegedly struck her during a “mental health breakdown.” This raises questions about Weston’s well-being and the potential role mental health struggles might have played in the incident.

    Additionally, Fulton publicly denied any prior altercation with her son, suggesting the alleged assault came out of the blue. However, she did request privacy as the family grapples with this difficult situation. Weston Cage has not yet commented on the allegations. It’s unclear if he will face charges or seek professional help.  

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    The Incident Sparks A Difficult Conversation About Mental Health

    Christina Fulton and Weston Cage
    Christina Fulton and Weston Cage

    The situation also sparks a conversation about mental health and its impact on families. Additionally, domestic violence is never acceptable, but recognizing the potential influence of mental health struggles is crucial. Moreover, If Weston is indeed facing mental health challenges, getting him the proper support becomes a critical priority. 

    The Cage family is undoubtedly going through a rough patch. While the details remain unclear, this situation highlights the complexities of family dynamics and the importance of seeking help when needed.  Hopefully, Weston can receive the support he requires, and the family can find a path toward healing and reconciliation.   

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