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    “Nobody Cares! Podcasts Suck!”: Andy Samberg Interrupts Seth Meyers On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ With His Sharp Critique

    Seth Meyers was interrupted by a familiar face during his appearance on Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Needless to say, it was no typical heckler. While the Late Night host was engrossed discussing his new podcast venture with the Lonely Island’ comedy trio, a familiar voice from the audience shot him with a mean comment: “podcasts suck.”

    Everyone on stage and in the audiences were surprised at the interruption. But it was none other than ‘Lonely Island’ member Andy Samberg, wielding a French horn amidst Jimmy Kimmel’s live band. Samberg’s rather dramatic outbursts was clearly a part of the show, but it triggered a discussion about Samberg’s actual annoyance with podcasts.

    Nobody cares! Podcast suck!” Samberg yelled. “Literally everyone has a podcast now!” A disappointed Meyers apologized to Kimmel about Sandler’s response. “I’m so sorry, I knew this was gonna happen. He really hates podcasts.”

    Soon enough, Sandler joined the duo on the stage and explained how he got there. His story had a typically amusing twist, involving a visit to a nearby wax museum and a peculiar discovery there. “Well, I was down the block at the wax museum as I am every Monday just, you know, checking out my favorite waxies,” Samberg began explaining.

    I’m not sure if you know this, Jimmy, but you have one there, a figurine. Do you know that if you pull down their trousers and climb into the butt, you go down a slide and it takes you to a tunnel that leads directly to your studio?” he added, drawing a few laughs from the audience.

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    “Oh Man, It Sucks So Bad”: Andy Samberg Gives His Unfiltered Opinions On The Concept Of Podcasts

    Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers
    Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers

    Seth Meyers soon tried to steer the conversation back to the topic at hand, and asked Samberg to join the interview and offer his opinions about their collaborative podcast project. Samberg was quick to pull out a backpack chair and made himself comfortable between the two hosts.

    He then began to present his tongue-in-cheek critique of their podcast’s quality as Kimmel playfully challenged the validity of his endorsement. “Oh, man, it sucks so bad, Jimmy, you’ve gotta check it out,” Samberg said, to which Kimmel responded, “That doesn’t seem like a great reason to listen to it.”

    It is a great podcast,” Meyers chimed in. “Andy, I’ll be honest, he doesn’t like the art form of podcasts, but he’s very good on the podcast and we talk about the very fun times we had together at SNL,” he added.

    Samberg then concluded the discussion but not before admitting that he was “dragged kicking and screaming” into the podcast venture, all while teasing the promise of a substantial payout. However, he did encourage viewers to give their podcast a listen.

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