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    North West Shares Drawing Of Half-Naked Bianca Censori As On ‘Vultures’ Album Cover In A Now Deleted TikTok Video

    North West is certainly following the footsteps of her parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West when it comes to making headlines. The 10-year-old is already a sensation as she has often stolen the limelight – sometimes for making some hilarious statements and sometimes for taking the stage with her father Kanye West at such young age.

    North West had made waves just a few days back when she gave a hilarious review of her mother’s newly launched makeup line brand. Her video shared by Kim Kardashian on TikTok soon went viral and won fans’ hearts. North is back again, but this time with a rather problematic drawing she drew for her school assignment.

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    North West’s Drawing Of Bianca Censori Was Part Of A Journaling Exercise

    North West and 'Vultures' album cover (Image: Getty)
    North West and ‘Vultures’ album cover (Image: Getty)

    The 10-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shared a drawing of her stepmother, Bianca Censori, from her father’s ‘Vultures 1’ album cover on her TikTok on Thursday.

    The album artwork showcases a nearly-naked Censori wearing thigh-high boots and a minimal fabric covering her behind. The drawing, initially posted on North’s TikTok account, was part of a journaling exercise where she expressed gratitude for the album.

    The video showing a nearly naked drawing of Bianca has since been deleted. It remains unclear whether North’s mother Kim Kardashian, who manages the joint TikTok account, was behind its removal. North’s drawing quickly gained traction because of its inappropriateness.

    Kanye West’s album cover, which was the inspiration behind North’s drawing, has explicit content and a provocative image of Censori. Though North drew it as part of gratitude, viewers questioned if it was appropriate for a 10-year-old to draw such explicit things.

    Neither Kanye or Bianca nor Kim has yet commented on the matter. Kanye has previously criticized Kim Kardashian for allowing North to have a TikTok account.

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    Kanye West and North West (Image: Getty)
    Kanye West and North West (Image: Getty)

    In the journaling exercise visible in her TikTok video, North expressed gratitude for the ‘Vultures 1’ album and also praised its quality. The album also features sexually explicit lyrics and references controversial figures like Bill Cosby and R. Kelly.

    Despite the explicit content, North joined her father and Ty Dolla $ign in the song ‘Talking/Once Again’ on the album, even appearing in its music video.

    The ‘Vultures 1’ was also temporarily removed from Apple Music and iTunes on Thursday, raising questions about its availability. According to reports, this disappearance occurred during a transition to a new distribution company.

    Originally released via FUGA, the album’s distribution violated FUGA’s service agreement, leading to its removal from the systems. The album has now found a new home with Label Engine, the distributor responsible for the release of its first two lead singles.

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