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    “Of Course Not”: James Gunn Confirms ‘Batman 2’ Will Not Be Canceled

    James Gunn is busy right now with directing Superman which is set to release in 2025. Recently the director, who is now the head of DCU, posted very specific needs for set extras. DC fans are excited to see what Gunn’s DCU brings to the table but they were also anxious about one thing. And that was whether Matt Reeves’ Batman would be canceled. 

    The rumors of the sequel getting canceled were running rampant since no new details were being revealed about the film. However, the director has finally cleared all doubts regarding that. Matt Reeves’ ‘Batman’ was a phenomenal hit starring Robert Pattinson. So fans are eager to see a sequel. 

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    Batman Part 2′ Is Still In The Works At DC

    James Gunn
    James Gunn

    DC fans can rest assured since their beloved Batman will not get scrapped in the bigger picture of the DCU. Co-CEO James Gunn has confirmed a future for the Batman sequel on Instagram.

    Gunn recently shared a photo of The Kent Farm on the set of ‘Superman’ on Instagram. In the comments a fan asked him the question of whether Matt Reeves’ ‘Batman Part II’ will be canceled. And James Gunn replied with, “Of course not,” with a rolling eyes emoji. So it can be deduced that the sequel will be looking at a 2026 release. 

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    Why Did The Sequel Get Delayed?

    Robert Pattinson in Batman
    Robert Pattinson in Batman

    Robert Pattinson was a fan favorite as Bruce Wayne in the first ‘Batman’ and Matt Reeves’ direction was phenomenal. So why such a rumor of the movie getting canceled you might ask. Well this is because of the 2023 Hollywood strikes that stopped the industry for months and delayed productions for the sequel.

    This led to a pause in Reeves’ work on the script for the movie as well. Originally, the plan was for Robert Pattinson to film new scenes as the Dark Knight starting last November. But that also could not happen due to the strikes. So new dates have been fixed as work has been restarted again. And it seems that fans will now have to wait till 2026 to see Pattinson on screen as Batman again. 

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