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    James Gunn Shares A Welcoming Update About Booster Gold Series After Shooting Down A False Instagram Update Story

    Booster Gold is a DC character whom everyone loves but Justice League hates. He isn’t a supervillain but a spotlight-loving superhero. When innocents are in danger or the fate of the multiverse is at stake, he always comes to the rescue.

    As people love the character, they also await its movie/ series from James Gunn. The character first appeared long back from now, hence a new movie would be a delight for the DC followers. Considering this, James Gunn replied to a fan and updated him regarding the development of the character.

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    James Gunn Replied To A fan About The Booster Gold Movie

    Booster Gold

    Fans are eager to know about the development of the Booster Gold movie. One pf them asked through a comment section of the post by James Gunn. The comment asked, “Hey Mr Gunn Is the rumor that Booster Gold will be recorded on July 8th true? Will it be the next big DCU series after Peacemaker Season 2 or will it be Amanda Waller’s series?”

    James Gunn is very active on his socials and he replied to the comment saying, “Although we’re still working on Booster Gold, production isn’t imminent and that story/posting is completely false.”

    The following statements work as a hope for the fans and they might get a Booster Gold movie in the future. The production may not take place now as confirmed by James but we can keep a close eye on the announcements further.

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    Description Of Booster Gold

    DC's Booster Gold
    DC’s Booster Gold

    Booster Gold is a character appearing in DCU created by Dan Jurgens. It first appeared in Booster Gold #1 in 1986. Michael Jon Carter is the real name of the character, who is a former football star from the 25th century and later becomes a time traveling hero.

    Carter steals advanced technology from his own time, including a powered suit and robotic sidekick named Skeets, and travels back to the 20th century to become a superhero. He is first driven by his fame and fortune but later he becomes a good person and a better superhero and uses his abilities to protect the innocents and uphold justice.

    The character is lovable, witty, penchant, and also a member of various superhero teams including Justice League. More about the character is yet to be revealed, let’s keep an eye out for further updates from Gunn.

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