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    James Gunn Hints At Green Lantern’s Debut In DCU And It’s Not Hal Jordan Or John Stewart

    DCU is finally moving at full pace with introducing new characters and upcoming movies. As James Gunn and Peter Safran have taken over the DCU, fans are eager to know what they bring next. 

    The Superman‘ movie is currently in making, ‘Creature Commandos‘ is nearly finished and now James Gunn has hinted at a ‘Green Lantern’ movie. Gunn keeps on posting hints about his vision on Twitter and fans are excited about the updates.

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    Is Green Lantern Movie In The Making?

    Green Lantern
    Green Lantern

    James Gunn keeps the fans hooked through his artwork posts on X (Twitter) about the upcoming DCU movies. The posts moreover have a deeper meaning and fans get the hint behind them. He recently posted a picture with a green light coming out from a hand and fans speculate that it is the new upcoming ‘Green Lantern‘ movie.

    Furthermore, Sara Sampaio, who plays Eve Teschmacher in ‘Superman’ commented on the post as “Spoiler!” Who is she referring to? Is it Nathan Fillion’s Guy Gardner or maybe another Green Lantern hero? There are many possibilities, but official information has been shared regarding this.

    Earlier it was reported that DCU has found showrunner Chris Mundy (a writer and producer for ‘Criminal Minds‘) and the rumor says that his current plan is for Hal Jordan to be older than Jake Stewart. His age is around 20 years old.

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    Green Lantern Show Was Cancelled Earlier

    Green Lantern
    Green Lantern

    Previously, the Green Lantern show was scrapped. The show revolved around Hal Jordan and John Stewart, but the vision was to put the spotlight on Guy Gardner and Alan Scott, with Finn Wittrock. There has been no further information about the production of the series yet.

    Gunn replied to a fan on a thread addressing the sudden cancelation of the show. He said, “I didn’t think it was in the DCEU, but it was before my time. That said, I think Finn’s a talented guy and he’ll be okay.”

    He continued, “Writers, directors, actors have projects fall through every day. We’ve all had it happen many times. It’s not being ‘done dirty’, it’s a part of the job.”

    Moreover, there were budget issues as well with the Green Lantern series and fans were upset with it getting canceled and Hal and John not being the priority of Gunn.

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